Tom Cotton Has Best Response After Fauci Confirms What Psaki Wouldn’t on Possible Travel Restrictions

During last Friday’s White House press briefing, CNN correspondent Kaitlan Collins questioned Biden press secretary Jen Psaki about the possibility that the Biden administration would implement coronavirus vaccine mandates for domestic air and train travel.


“Is he now considering mandating vaccinations to fly domestically?” Collins asked.

Psaki responded by telling her that “We are always looking at more we can do to protect and save lives. Obviously, he made a significant and bold announcement yesterday, so I [don’t] have anything to predict or preview for you, but we’ll continue to look for ways to save more lives.”

Though she didn’t answer the question definitively one way or the other, Psaki didn’t rule out the possibility of domestic air/train travel vaccine mandates on top of the (unconstitutional) vaccine mandates on businesses that employ more than 100 people that Biden previously announced last week, and also hinted that more was to come on the mandate front.

Fast forward to today, and Biden’s most trusted medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci appeared on MSNBC, where he proceeded to confirm what Psaki wouldn’t – that the administration was “seriously” considering widening their vaccine mandates beyond businesses to travelers, which would require them to either present proof of vaccination or a recent negative test.

We reported on this development earlier, but for those who missed his remarks, watch the short video clip below:


Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) responded accordingly by suggesting that it’s Fauci, some of whose statements have been thoroughly exposed as lies by RedState’s Scott Hounsell, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and others regarding, among other things, his repeated denials about U.S. grant funding of gain of function research at the Wuhan, China Institute of Virology, be the one subjected to travel restrictions:

I enthusiastically endorse this suggestion. I mean, think about it. The Biden administration and their allies in the mainstream press are treating the current vaccine mandates as a justifiable “punishment” of sorts for the unvaccinated, as though those who have not gotten the vaccine have committed serious wrongdoing.

Well, correct me if I’m wrong here, but I think lying about U.S. funding of gain of function research is a serious wrongdoing worthy of punishment in its own right. Short of jail time, which we know he’ll never see, punishing Fauci by restricting his travel over the lies he’s told before Congress seems appropriate.

Remember, too, that Fauci suggested a few days ago that Biden’s approach to vaccine mandates for businesses was actually “somewhat moderate” in his view, because Biden was giving workers the option of submitting a negative COVID test instead of proof of vaccination.


“Myself, I would make it just vaccinate or not. But he was trying to be moderate in what his pronouncement was,” Fauci proclaimed during an interview on Anderson Cooper’s program on CNN.

Clearly, Fauci believes the punishment for the unvaccinated should be loss of jobs and ability to travel by plane or train if necessary, so limiting his travel should be an option, too, in my opinion. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, or however the old saying goes.

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