Tyrannical Gnome Previews Joe Biden's Next Power Grab

Remember when the biggest argument over the vaccine was whether cruise ships can mandate it in Florida? That seems almost quaint now, but it’s illustrative of an inability of so many on the right to see past their own nose. While Gov. Ron DeSantis was taking the fight directly to any entity that sought to enforce pointless mandates, many Republicans trashed him as overstepping the bounds of principle.


But what DeSantis understood was that the power grabs never stop, and the moment you allow something to be normalized, as almost every other state in the union did regarding private vaccine mandates, it serves as a giant green light for the government to move in. These tyrants do not care about your “principled,” qualified arguments about the differences between a private company and the federal government. There is only the pursuit of power, by any means necessary.

Thus, we were now in a situation where vaccine mandates are being pushed on over 100 million American workers based on the ridiculous, unscientific notion that the vaccinated must be “protected” from the unvaccinated. There are also no exceptions for those with natural immunity, which studies tell us is stronger than vaccination alone.

Are you seeing the game yet? “Follow the science” they scream as the government spits in the face of it, and that leads me to one of the worst offenders. Dr. Anthony Fauci, Biden’s tyrannical gnome, wants you to know that essentially banning domestic travel for the unvaccinated is being considered.


If it’s starting to feel like you are living in the midst of a dictatorial quashing of individual rights by people who sneer at you, that’s because you are. Let’s note that there is no scientific justification for this possible move. Even before the vaccines, spread on airplanes (that’s the major vector of enforcement here) was essentially non-existent. That’s true for two reasons. One, airliners have excellent filtration systems. Two, because of the constant recycling of air and the altitude at which they fly, the air is extremely dry inside the plane.

In other words, banning domestic travel for the unvaccinated to “stop the spread” is like banning AR-15s to stop gun violence. The numbers come nowhere close to adding up, but it sure makes government tyrants feel good about themselves. And isn’t that what’s truly important here?

Besides, if the point is to “stop the spread” once people get to their destination (or don’t get there) then how far does this go? Checkpoints at state lines for cars? I’d say anything is possible at this point, and anyone still insisting there are lines the government won’t cross should look up the word gullible in the dictionary. Fauci has never met a limiting principle.


Even the opt-out with testing here is a burden. Tests cost money and not every city still has free testing centers. Further, if you can find a free test, it can take days for it to come back, and then it’s only good for a few days. That makes it difficult to time things right with travel. And I’ll reiterate that there is no scientific reason to make those with natural immunity jump through all these hoops.

These incursions on personal liberty are never going to stop. When COVID ceases to be an issue, there will be another next crisis for the federal government to use as justification. That leaves one path of recourse: Do not comply.


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