The L.A. Times' Twitter Framing of the Larry Elder Egging Incident Is Outrageous and Inexcusable

A woman in a gorilla mask accosts Larry Elder's security detail in Venice, CA, September 8, 2021. CREDIT: Twitter video screenshot, Kate Cagle

We reported earlier this week on a disturbing incident that occurred as conservative radio talk show host Larry Elder, a Republican candidate in the upcoming recall election, was preparing to visit some homeless camps in Los Angeles’ Venice Beach neighborhood Wednesday.


As Elder was walking alongside supporters and members of the Venice Neighborhood Council, a group of what appeared to be homeless people became aggressive and got in the faces of some of Elder’s campaign staffers and security detail, cursing and demanding Elder leave the area. At one point, a white woman wearing a pink-haired gorilla mask rode by on a bicycle and threw an egg at Elder. It appeared to graze the back of his head.

Moments later, a man who was either a staffer or a security guard for Elder walked up to the woman and barely got a word out before she took a swing at him. For those who missed the incident, watch below (language warning):

Understandably, the incident sparked allegations of a hate crime considering the woman is white and Elder is black, but strangely enough, the Usual Suspects on the left who normally rush to condemn perceived racial slights against minority Democrats were for the most part silent after the attack on Elder.

Not surprisingly, making matters worse was the L.A. Times, who framed the story of a black man literally being egged by a white woman this way:


Notice anything wrong with that tweet? For starters, the headline was off. It wasn’t just an “altercation involving Larry Elder.” A better choice of words would have been “investigating an attack on Larry Elder.”

But my money is on the headline being intentional, as intentional as the photo they originally used with it, which made it look like the “altercation” was Elder slapping a white woman.

Soledad Ursua, who is the woman in the photo and who is also one of the members of the Venice Neighborhood Council, blistered the paper for how they framed the story:


The photo in the story has since been changed, but a Web Archive version shows that the photo of him leaning in for a hug with Ursua was indeed the original one they used.

I should note in fairness that Julia Wick, the L.A. Times reporter who wrote the story, accurately described what it was about in her tweet:

Ursua says she’s filed a police report over the attack.

While there are some people out there who would give them the benefit of the doubt and claim it was an “innocent mistake” to frame the story the way they did on Twitter, I’m done giving the MSM – especially notoriously left-wing outlets like the L.A. Times – the benefit of the doubt.

In my opinion, this was deliberate. I dare the L.A. Times to prove me and anyone else who agrees with that assessment wrong.

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