MSNBC ‘Terrorism Expert’ Doubles Down After Terrible Afghanistan Hot Take Gets Shredded (UPDATED)

MSNBC ‘Terrorism Expert’ Doubles Down After Terrible Afghanistan Hot Take Gets Shredded (UPDATED)
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Update – Some five hours later, Nance deleted the tweet that got him in hot water (there is a screengrab of it later in this post, for those who missed it), and wrote a thread apologizing and further explaining his position.

When big news breaks, inevitably there will be hot takes on the issue, some good, some bad, and some just flat out terrible. It’s just the nature of the 24-7 cable news network/social media news cycle, for better or for worse.

“Flat out terrible” is probably putting it mildly for the hot take frequent MSNBC contributor Malcolm Nance, a supposed “terrorism expert,” shared to his Twitter feed earlier today in response to the horrific news of the two terrorist attacks that took place in Afghanistan this morning U.S. time.

Nance’s first tweet went up at 11:51 a.m. Eastern time. This is after early reports had been confirmed of US and Afghan injuries:

The hashtag “DealWithIt” did not go over well with people at all, and for reasons that should be obvious to pretty much everyone outside of left-wing nutcases desperately grasping for attention:

There was a whole lot more where that came from, and as I write this the quote RTs are piling up in the thousands as Nance continues to get ratioed for his scorchingly bad “expert” assessment.

As a side note, I’d like to point out for the record the “principled conservative” who apparently agreed with Nance:

In any event, if there was ever a “delete your account moment,” this was it. Instead, Nance – who once called for a Trump property in Istanbul to be suicide bombed by ISIS – doubled down even after finding out there were confirmed US military deaths, resorting to trotting out the race card as though people stooping low enough to use a despicable racial slur absolved him of his stupidity and insensitivity:

Sadly, the number of wounded and the death toll in Afghanistan both continue to rise. Also sadly, Malcolm Nance will continue to be welcomed on the set of MSNBC in large part due to the fact that it’s staffed with others on the left who seem to hate America just as much as Malcolm Nance apparently does.

Whatever you do in life, don’t be this guy. Seriously. Just don’t.

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