BREAKING: Four US Marines Killed in Kabul Bombing, More Attacks Anticipated

AP Photo/Wali Sabawoon

We reported earlier that there were three U.S. Marines reported wounded among the casualties of the suicide bombing attack at the Kabul airport.

Unfortunately, the latest reports indicate that it was even worse than that. According to Fox News Channel’s Jennifer Griffin, U.S. officials have confirmed that four Marines were also killed in the attack that involved two explosions outside the airport.

The overall casualties are much greater.

On top of that, a source has told Fox’s Jacqui Heinrich that there are hundreds of ISIS-K members around the airport and that more attacks are anticipated.

Heinrich has been providing very good information on the situation at the airport, so obviously, that’s of great concern.

If these reports are true, that means Joe Biden’s incompetence has now crossed the Rubicon with American dead. Unfortunately, we could tell it was coming. Yet, even as this threat existed and even with Biden creating this whole situation, they were still trying to declare the evacuation a “success” and Biden was saying that there were no Americans killed yet.

I think it’s fair to say that this has been one of the worst foreign policy failures we’ve ever seen. Americans are still in danger and this, unfortunately, isn’t close to over.

The military has been doing the best they can under the circumstances and we pray for those injured and killed.