Report: 3 US Marines Injured in Suicide Bombing, Second Explosion Reported in Afghanistan

We reported earlier on the horrifying news of what’s now being labeled a “suicide bombing” near the crowded Kabul airport in Afghanistan, with “mass casualties” said to be involved.


Pentagon press secretary John Kirby confirmed just now that there were indeed mass casualties, although exact numbers are not known at this early point:

According to updated reporting from Fox News, 3 – possibly more – U.S. Marines were wounded in the initial attack per US sources:

In addition to that, Fox News is also reporting a second attack has taken place:

France’s ambassador to Afghanistan stopped just short of confirming the second attack but said it’s “possible”:


For what it’s worth, President Biden has been briefed on the situation:

Obviously, this is a developing story and we’ll be sure to keep you posted on new developments. Please continue to pray for all impacted, including our men and women in uniform there, Afghans, and our allies.


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