Nike CEO Gives up the Game When Asked Why They Don’t Speak out More on China’s Human Rights Abuses

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It is without fail that anytime liberal outrage mobs launch campaigns to oppose Republican-proposed bills in state legislatures, corporate America gets involved either through force (corporate shaming) or because their PR departments thought it would be good for business to be seen as being “involved” and/or “woke.”


We saw it here in North Carolina in 2016 over HB2 aka “the bathroom bill,” which saw the NBA pull its All-Star game, the ACC – which is based in North Carolinapulling various sporting events from the state, PayPal pulling out of an expansion deal, and companies like Apple, Nike, and Salesforce joining legal efforts to get these state legislatures to reverse course.

Corporate activism has increased a lot since that time, and most recently we saw it with the push earlier this year from Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines among other Georgia-based companies who opposed the state’s election reform bill.

But along with the virtue signaling from these corporations comes pushback that they don’t practice what they preach. For instance, for all its tough talk the NBA has a large presence in China, where the human rights abuses that go on there are too numerous to mention in one post. Same-same for Apple and Nike, both of who are quick to bash Republican-led state legislatures over bathroom and elections bills but who mostly stay quiet when asked to comment about China’s abhorrent human rights track record.


This brings me to the interview CNBC’s Sara Eisen did with Nike CEO John Donahoe yesterday. Watch as Donahoe repeatedly gives canned responses, completely tap-dancing around Eisen’s question about why the company doesn’t speak out more on China’s human rights abuses considering how they try to get “out front” on alleged problematic legislation here at home:

As I’ve said before, much can be revealed about a person not so much in what they choose to say but what they choose not to say, and Donahoe is a perfect example of this.

There is not a single piece of legislation here in America in any state legislature that is remotely on par with the human rights abuses which are a daily occurrence in China. Yet while Nike will not hesitate to speak out when the activist left come calling here in America, more often or not they turn their backs and look the other way when asked to either speak out or explain their silence on human rights abuses in other countries where they do billions of dollars in business, abuses which have literally killed people.


Remember Donahoe’s response to Eisen the next time you see Nike speak out on an issue here at home, and understand that it’s all mostly sound and fury, ultimately signifying nothing but a desperate need to be seen as woke.

“Pathetic” doesn’t quite begin to cover it, but that’s about all I’ve got on it today.

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