New Poll on MLB Moving All-Star Game Shows Warning Signs for Democrats in More Ways Than One

The field is readied before Major League Baseball's All-Star Week at Nationals Park Friday, July 13, 2018, in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

In the aftermath of MLB’s decision to pull the All-Star game out of the state of Georgia over their new voting law last month, failed 2018 Georgia Democratic gubernatorial nominee Stacey Abrams made some newspaper-approved stealth edits to a USA Today op/ed to make herself seem less friendly to boycotts than her original piece did.


In fact, not only did Abrams try to get away with toughening her position on boycotts after the fact, but Sen. Raphael Warnock feigned ignorance on the bill after it was signed into law, proclaiming his opposition was based on a draft version that didn’t make the final cut. President Biden, too, conveniently softened his stance on the MLB’s decision – also after the fact.

All of these were solid indications Democrats knew they had overplayed their hand.

A poll just released today on Georgians’ thoughts on MLB’s decision gave Democrats a lot more reasons to worry:

A solid majority of Georgians say they oppose Major League Baseball’s move to relocate this summer’s All-Star game from the state in response to a new and controversial voting measure recently passed by Republican state lawmakers and signed into law by GOP Gov. Brian Kemp.

According to an Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll released on Wednesday, 53.5% of Georgia voters oppose MLB’s decision, with 35.7% supporting the moving of the game, which was scheduled to be held at Truist Park, the home stadium of the Atlanta Braves.

Among those surveyed, the vast majority of Republicans opposed the move as did over half of the independents. But close to two-thirds of Democrats said they were okay with MLB’s decision to move the game from Georgia to another state. In other words, most Democratic voters in the state are completely out of step with how a majority of voters feel about losing the game.


That said, roughly 25% of Democrats opposed the decision. My guess is that most of the Dems who opposed it were old-schoolers who vote for Republicans from time to time, not the more “woke” ones who have been making the most noise over the law. That also spells trouble for Democrats.

In addition to that, a comfortable majority opposed corporations getting involved in political battles, sending a clear message to Georgia-based companies like Coca-Cola and Delta Airlines:

The poll also indicated that by a 60%-33% margin, Georgians oppose American companies trying to influence political, cultural, or social change.

“If you’re a corporation and you take a stand on one side or the other, you’re going to isolate a huge segment of the population. That’s why corporations have been loathe to do that, but it’s happening now,” noted M.V. Hood, director of the University of Georgia’s School of Public and International Affairs, which conducted the poll.

Immediately after the election last year, House Democrats threw fits blaming the “Defund the Police” rhetoric from the Squad for the House seats they lost. The whole debate surrounding “cancel culture” could emerge as the next toxic issue for Democrats in key battleground states going into 2022 and even on into 2024 if the sentiment from this poll holds steady over time.


Republicans need to hang MLB’s call to take their game along with the $100 million in revenue from it around the Democrats’ neck like an albatross for the next 18 months. They should also work to better educate voters in the state on the true nature of the voting law and remind people that the revenue lost from the game being pulled would have helped the same minorities Democrats say they wanted to protect in the first place.

Bottom line: Just hammer the point home, stay focused and on message and make Democrats pay dearly at the ballot box for the economic harm they’ve caused Georgia, which was all done in an effort to score creds with “woke” outrage mobs who don’t give a damn about the Peach State.

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