Texas Republican Devises Hilarious Plan to Bring Democrats Back

When Texas Democrats bailed on their constituents Monday and stunningly and bravely made a beeline for Washington, D.C. on two private jets, one thing very noticeable in one of the many photos they posted bragging of their childish stunt was the case of Miller Lite beer sitting on a seat of one of the charter buses they took to the planes.


The Texas Democrat who tweeted the picture ended up deleting it, but as they say, the Internet is forever:

They were understandably widely ridiculed on the matter, with many critics noting that it appeared the Democrats were ready to party and booze it up on the taxpayer’s dime in the midst of fleeing their state over a dispute surrounding an election reform bill.

As an example, earlier this week one Texas Republican mocked the Democrats who cut and run by posting a photo showing Republicans sitting in their seats ready to conduct business while cans of Miller Lite sat in the empty seats:

More hilariously, however, was Texas Republican Briscoe Cain devising a plot to get Democrats to return to work:


LOL. The only thing missing from Cain’s plan? A chicken caesar salad for Gene Wu, who arguably should be the first Democrat arrested upon return after he thought it was a good idea to make fun of the way Cain looks even though surely he knows Cain has autism:

After Wu, the Democratic women who thought it would be cute to post pictures of their dirty laundry (complete with lingerie) on Twitter should be arrested purely on the basis of stupidity alone.

By leaving the state, Democrats like Wu have denied Republicans the quorum needed to conduct business. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has threatened to arrest them upon their return to the state – with House Republicans being on board with the plan.

And just Thursday, Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan stripped Democrat speaker pro tem Joe Moody of his leadership title under the rules of the Texas House, also noting that he’d have a charter jet on standby Saturday waiting to bring Democrats back to the state.


β€œIn an effort to further compel House Democrats to return to the State of Texas, I am chartering a plane that will be on standby in Washington, D.C. on Saturday,” Phelan wrote in a statement. β€œI am demanding all of our colleagues in D.C. to contact my staff immediately in order to secure their seat on the plane and return to Austin in order to do the state’s business. The State of Texas is waiting.”.

Will Chuck Norris get involved next? Stay tuned.

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