Stunning and Brave Texas Democrats Line up to Beg You Not to Consider Them Stunning and Brave

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Democrats wouldn’t be Democrats if they didn’t have a hat full of drama queen tactics to pull from whenever they don’t get their way, and Democratic members of the Texas state legislature are no different in that regard.


As we previously reported, 50 or so abandoned their Texas House posts during a special session and fled the state Monday, headed to Washington, D.C. on a what appeared to be a private jet that was heavy on the cases of Miller Lite beer but light on cajones, if you catch my meaning.

At issue is an election reform bill that they’re trying to kill by denying Republicans the necessary quorum.

With Texas Gov. Greg Abbott threatening to arrest Democrats upon their return, apparently, the cast of characters who predictably bailed rather than sticking around to do their jobs feel they have nothing to lose at this point, with some of them actually comparing themselves to the civil rights martyrs of days gone by – while at the same time begging you to please do not consider them stunning and brave or anything.

First up, here’s Texas Dem Trey Martinez Fischer, letting people know of the huge “risks” he and his fellow House Democrats are taking for speaking Truth to Power or something and comparing them to civil rights legends who were beaten with clubs in the 1960s:


Next up was another Texas Democrat – James Talarico, letting you know that he and his fellow Dems have sacrificed so much, but that it is “nothing compared to the sacrifices brave Americans have made throughout history to protect the sacred right to vote”:

And in a tweet designed to give you all the feels and then some, a trio of Democratic women demonstrate that the struggle to do a live broadcast with MSNBC while driving a bus is real:


What absolute clowns. Why the hell anyone would want to be associated with this outright buffoonery is beyond me. “Embarrassing” doesn’t even come close to covering it, but that’s all I’ve got right now.

The narrative emanating from the White House on down about the supposed bravery and selflessness of these people is a sick joke. Last I heard, Texans weren’t supposed to be the types who’d cut and run when the going got tough.

I guess one lesson to be (re)learned here is that there are definitely exceptions to that rule, exceptions that come when there’s a “D” beside their names.

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