Joe Biden Has No Good Answer After Peter Doocy Confronts Him on Unvaccinated Migrants Crossing the Border

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The Biden White House and Fox News reporter Peter Doocy tangoed yet again today except instead of it being Doocy sparring with press secretary Jen Psaki, it was Doocy trying unsuccessfully to get a straight answer directly from President Biden himself during a press conference about his administration’s response to the Wuhan virus pandemic.


Doocy’s question came after a predictable leading question from another so-called “reporter” who asked Biden if he believed Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, both Republicans, “are personally making decisions that are harming their own citizens?”

Biden answered by saying that he believed “the results of their decisions are not good for their constituents.”

Further, Biden stated that it was “clear to me, and to most of the medical experts, that the decisions being made, like not allowing mask mandates in school and the like, are bad health policy.” It was his use of the term “bad health policy” that Doocy used to segue into a question about the administration allowing untested and unvaccinated migrants to cross the border and be admitted into our country.

Here’s a transcript of the exchange:

Doocy: “Mr. President, I have a question about something that you just said.”
Biden: “I’m sure you do.” [smiles]
Doocy: “Thank you. You just said there is no wall high enough and no ocean wide enough to protect us from the virus. So what is the thinking behind letting untested and unvaccinated migrants across the southern border into U.S. cities in record numbers?”
Biden: “What we’re doing – we have not withdrawn the order that is sometimes critical – criticized saying that unvaccinated people should go back across the border. But unaccompanied children is a different story because that’s the most humane thing to do is to test them and to treat them and not send them back alone.”



Because Biden didn’t really answer Doocy’s question, he tried to follow up but was drowned out by others in the White House press corps who clearly were eager to move on:

Watch Doocy’s fellow reporters run interference for Biden below:

As per the norm, this White House never has a good answer when asked questions about untested and unvaccinated migrants, which is a big problem considering in the Rio Grande Valley alone, there has been “a 900% increase in confirmed positive cases [among migrant detainees] compared to the previous 14 months,” according to a recent Fox News report.

Also, a new report from the DC Examiner quoted one CBP official as saying not all migrants were tested before being allowed entry into the US:

“They aren’t tested at encounter. [Unaccompanied children] and family units are moved out of custody quickly. If they are infected and do not have obvious symptoms, they are sent out,” a senior Customs and Border Protection official told the Washington Examiner on Monday. The official is not a union member and spoke on the condition of anonymity.


Chris Cabrera, National Border Patrol Council spokesman, said in an email Monday that the “majority of people in Border Patrol custody are not tested.”


Geez. It’s no wonder no senior official in this administration including Biden will give a straight answer on this question. What an absolute disaster, not to mention completely unacceptable.

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