Peter Doocy Gets Jen Psaki to Make Claim About Fauci That Could Ultimately Haunt Biden

Peter Doocy Gets Jen Psaki to Make Claim About Fauci That Could Ultimately Haunt Biden
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As we previously reported, while White House press secretary Jen Psaki was not asked a single question Wednesday about the newly-released Dr. Fauci emails, she did get one Thursday and proceeded to inadvertently prove a point Republicans have made about how hearings featuring Fauci and the other prominent cast of characters need to be conducted ASAP to learn more about their conversations about the Wuhan lab leak theory and U.S. gain of research funding.

But as per the norm, when Fox News reporter Peter Doocy asks questions of Psaki, he oftentimes gets results. Such was the case earlier today during the daily press briefing where Doocy zeroed in on the Fauci emails.

During their back and forth, Doocy mentioned that “it seems like there were times” what Fauci said in his emails was at odds with what he said in public. “If that’s the case,” Doocy wondered, “and if that affected U.S policy, posture at the time, should he be held accountable?”

After Psaki dodged said she didn’t have “much more to add” to what Fauci has said in interviews this week, and then gave a canned answer saying “attacks launched on him are certainly something we wouldn’t stand by,” Doocy pressed on, inquiring of Psaki as to whether or not the White House viewed criticism of Fauci “as political.”

Psaki again dodged and said she’d let Fauci’s words from this week speak for themselves, and then again referenced the age of the emails “17 months ago before this president even took office,” as though that absolved Biden from any blame over what Fauci may have known about the virus’ origins (especially considering Biden highly praised Fauci during his presidential campaign).

But after Psaki bobbed and weaved on his “gain of function research” question, Doocy’s last question was a simple one, and Psaki’s answer may come back to haunt President Biden on down the line.

“Can you imagine any circumstance where President Biden would ever fire him [Fauci]?”

“No,” she answered bluntly.


U.S. history is littered with Presidential administrations that have expressed supposedly unwavering confidence in one of their own before having to backtrack later and “ask” that person to resign or else. Though Biden wouldn’t be the first and certainly wouldn’t be the last, considering what’s already come out about Fauci as well as the dogged determination of those like RedState’s own Scott Hounsell who are determined to get answers even as Democrats and the media continue to play games on this issue, Psaki may be speaking prematurely here, because Dr. Fauci is no longer the untouchable political figure he was up until about two or three weeks ago.

As always, stay tuned, because more revealing and potentially damaging information may be right around the corner.

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