Analysis: Marilyn Mosby's Attempted Silencing of Fox Affiliate Further Exposes CNN Fraud Brian Stelter

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We reported Monday on how Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby (D) was using her government position to try and silence the local Fox affiliate in Baltimore over their investigative coverage of some of her office’s questionable decision-making as well as her various legal woes.

To quickly recap, Mosby’s Comms Director Ty Richardson alleged in a formal complaint, without evidence, that “news coverage of the WBFF persistently follows a disconcerting and dangerous pattern” of using misleading tactics in an effort to ignore the supposed facts. Further, he stated, “most disturbingly, there appears to be an intentional crusade against State’s Attorney Mosby, which given today’s politically charged and divisive environment, is extremely dangerous.”

The motivation alleged was, of course, racism.

FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr issued a blistering statement on Monday in response, calling on his colleagues at the FCC to “make clear that it will not operate as the DNC’s speech police” and “dismiss this complaint with prejudice by the end of today.”

It is inarguable that Mosby is attempting to have a media critic punished for daring to critically cover her administration. That a government official is trying to pull a stunt like this, which flies in the face of what the First Amendment stands for, should be a huge story for media critics like CNN’s Brian Stelter and Oliver Darcy, who were howling at the moon on an almost daily basis about how Trump was supposedly setting “dangerous precedents” with his “war on the media.”

And yet here we are nearly a full week after Mosby’s office filed the complaint, and there has been nothing from either of them on the story. Not in their newsletter, not on CNN’s website, not in their broadcast reporting, and not on their social media feeds.

I’ve taken to periodically reminding them about the story and have encouraged readers to learn more about what Stelter and Darcy aren’t reporting in their capacity as “media experts”:

In my opinion, there are two big reasons why Stelter and Darcy are giving this story a pass. Firstly, Mosby is a Democrat, and as the unofficial state-run TV news outlet for Democrats, stern words directed against like-minded individuals in positions of power are generally frowned upon. Secondly but equally disturbing is that the target of Mosby’s ire is an affiliate of Fox News. The complaint included mentions Fox News as well as another favorite target for CNN – Tucker Carlson – and quite frankly it sounded like it could have been written by someone in the CNN “news” department:

In the public sphere, Fox News is infamous for its bias against people of color, and even more against those who could be deemed “progressive” people of color. Currently, the Fox national news network airs a nightly show with Tucker Carlson, despite recent calls by civil rights groups to terminate his employment because of Carlson’s frequent endorsements of white supremacy views.

Because we’re close to a week out on what should be a huge media story and neither Stelter nor Darcy have responded to my public inquiries about it as of this writing (in fairness, Darcy blocked me last summer for calling him “spineless”), I think it’s safe to assume that neither he nor Darcy have any intentions of giving this story anywhere close to the degree of the attention they would if it was a Republican official targeting a local media outlet, and that’s assuming that at some point they give it obligatory coverage at all.

There’s a word for people who claim to be something they’re not: Frauds. And in light of this story and their lack of coverage, another point also needs to be reiterated for the record:

CNN is not a news organization. Period.

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