CNN's Brian Stelter Does His Best Jen Psaki Impression During 'Preview' of Biden's Upcoming Presser

CNN's Brian Stelter Does His Best Jen Psaki Impression During 'Preview' of Biden's Upcoming Presser
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It wasn’t long after the MSM projected Joe Biden as the winner of the presidential election before some news outlets began demonstrating what state-run media would look like under a Biden administration.

CNN resident chief media hall monitor Brian Stelter, in particular, was quick on the draw, interviewing then-Biden campaign press secretary T.J. Ducklo just days after the election about Biden’s supposed vision for “restoring” respect between the White House and the press corps.

“I was struck by his statements about the role of the fourth estate,” Stelter gushed at the time. “He said things like ‘the media has an incredibly important job to do’ — words that would be uncontroversial at practically any other time in American history, but are newly important now, after four years of venomous attacks against the media by the commander in chief.”

In a tweet previewing the interview, Stelter fantasized about the possibility that there would be “a restoration of normal relations between the president and the press corps” – with “normal relations” being left open to interpretation if you catch my meaning.

Both Stelter and his network have done little to nothing whatsoever since that time to dissuade people from the notion that they are little more than obedient mouthpieces for the Biden administration, the latter of which was painfully obvious during a laughable CNN segment Stelter appeared on this morning alongside anchor Poppy Harlow discussing Biden’s upcoming presser (which is currently scheduled for 1:15 pm ET this afternoon).

Harlow teed up Stelter and laid the groundwork for excusing away potential bad answers by Biden by first noting how there could sometimes be “posturing” by reporters when they’re asking questions “on camera,” which CNN has experience with considering their former chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta was a notorious media showman.

Though Harlow did not note that bit of irony, she turned the segment over to Stelter to get his supposed expert opinion on how things might go during Biden’s first formal solo press conference of his presidency. And that’s where his impression of White House press secretary Jen Psaki began.

After noting Biden has “been under pressure” to do a presser, Stelter tried to downplay the fact that the President of the United States was reluctant to take questions from the press by suggesting, without evidence, that most people cared more about whether or not they were going to get a stimulus check than when or if Biden was going to conduct a presser and finally face tough questions.

“Right and there will be heat as well as light, but hopefully a lot of news,” Stelter said. “Biden’s been under pressure for several weeks to hold a press conference, and his predecessors did this much earlier in their presidencies. But I think the average American cares a lot more about stimulus checks than how many press conferences Biden has had, let’s be realistic about what the average American cares about.

After Stelter noted that presidents holding press conferences was “important symbolically” in terms of transparency and access, he went on to proclaim that Biden would use the opportunity to “try to take command” (although “command” of what, Stelter did not specify) as well as to “create another contrast with President Trump.”

And as to the Trump comparison, Stelter went on to alert viewers and readers to “what Biden was trying to do” in hiding from the press.

“Let’s not forget that a lot of what Biden’s trying to do is just break from all the trauma of the Trump years, trying to show respect and decency and normality. And that’s what Biden wants to symbolize at a press conference,” Stelter emphatically stated. “Biden’s going to try to create a sharp contrast,” to Trump’s alleged smears and lies about the press.


In a piece he wrote previewing the presser, Stelter said that “members of my own family” are more concerned about stimulus checks, as though anecdotal evidence about his family was evidence of what most people were feeling:

That ain’t journalism, folks. That’s a straight-up in-kind contribution to the Biden administration from a member of the supposedly objective press. Neutral reporters are supposed to stick to the facts, not act as passionate press agents for political figures in “explaining” what they’re supposedly trying to do.

Also, maybe Stelter could dial down the hypocrisy level a bit here?

Keep all of this in mind whenever you see Stelter or his sidekick Oliver Darcy whine about how Fox News allegedly lays out the red carpet for Trump. In fact, I think a convincing argument could be made that the Fox News straight-news side was actually tougher on Trump than anyone at CNN has ever been with any Democrat including Biden (and, of course, Gov. Andrew Cuomo).

To state once again for the record, CNN is not – I repeat – not a news organization. They hate it when you say that, so it’s important to do so as often as possible. As they would say, “for America.”

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