'Too Late': Supposed Unifier in Chief Shifts Tone on Supporting Boycotts and Georgians Should Be Outraged

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President Biden was fond of saying on the campaign trail and well after the election that the words of a president matter, but time after time he’s demonstrated that he’s not interested in practicing what he preaches. The result of that has been negative consequences for the very people he promised to help.


We saw this just last week when Biden outright said he would “strongly support” Major League Baseball deciding to move their All-Star game out of Georgia to another state in protest of the state’s new voting law. Two days later, that’s exactly what MLB did.

Since that time, the White House has given a number of unacceptable answers when asked if Biden regrets his words. Among them was press secretary Jen Psaki yesterday trying to make it sound like Biden had no choice but to respond when he was asked by ESPN about the issue, and today pretending Biden wasn’t responsible even though MLB cited his remarks when announcing their decision.

But perhaps the most infuriating and unacceptable answer to the fallout from his comments was what Biden said this afternoon when asked if the PGA should pull The Masters tournament out of Georgia, as well. There was a noticeable change in tone. Suddenly gone was the “strongly support” language and in its place was on how it was up to the PGA to make that call. There was also an acknowledgment that such decisions hurt hourly workers by taking away their job opportunities.

And in another sharp departure from his prior statements, Biden said he’d support whatever decision a company/group made about doing business in states that implemented so-called “Jim Crow laws” like Georgia:

“It’s reassuring to see that for-profit operations and businesses are speaking up about how these new Jim Crow laws are just antithetical to who we are,” he said, repeating his characterization of the Peach State law as modern-day Jim Crow.

“There’s another side to it too,” he conceded. “When they in fact move out of Georgia, the people who need the help the most — people who are making hourly wages —sometimes get hurt the most. I think it’s a very tough decision for a corporation to make, or group to make, but I respect them when they make that judgment, and I support whatever judgment they make.”



Except for Georgians who were planning on being able to work the game, Biden’s words come too little too late:

To top it all off, Major League Baseball moved the game to Denver, which not only has similar voting laws to Georgia’s but which is also much whiter than Atlanta — which means minority business owners in Georgia will be paying the price for a sports league’s idiotic decision to listen to a dishonest and politically motivated president in order to be viewed as “woke.”

Georgia’s voting law isn’t “Jim Crow on steroids,” but Biden’s decision to say what he did and MLB’s decision to move the game were both stupid on steroids. Nothing about Biden’s change in tone will ever change that, nor does the shift take away from the fact that his throwing the state under the bus based on lies hurt the pocketbooks of those he claims to champion.


Georgians should not forget come election-time that Democrats used their state as a pawn in a nasty political game where the only people who would end up suffering would be hourly workers just trying to make a living.

Liberal icon Stacey Abrams, meanwhile, is continuing to rake in hundreds of thousands of dollars in fundraising money off the manufactured controversy. Think about it.

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