Report: MLB Commissioner Pulled the All-Star Game From Georgia After Discussion With Stacey Abrams

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As we have already reported, MLB pulled their All Star Game from Georgia in protest against the new Georgia election law which Democrats falsely claimed was Jim Crow or inhibiting voting.


After they did it and after there was a backlash to it, Stacey Abrams, who had been in full assault on the Georgia law then tried to skate away from any responsibility for the decision by MLB which cost Georgia $100 million and a whole lot of hardworking people income that, after a pandemic, one has to think they desperately need. Before the backlash Abrams had been encouraging people to pressure businesses against the law. She “said business leaders should take an unequivocal stance against the proposed voting restrictions in Georgia and other states.”

Our friends over at Hot Air have some interesting news in regard to MLB and Abrams.

According to a report from Charlie Gasparino, the MLB was blindsided by Commissioner Rob Manfred’s’ decision to pull the All Star game out of Georgia and he did that after a conversation with Abrams.

So what did Abrams say to him? Did she encourage him to pull it out of Georgia?

Gasparino notes that while Abrams has since backpedaled and indicated she didn’t think they should’ve pulled out, she was partnering with people who were encouraging exactly that.


So it sounds like she might have been for it before she was against it.

Now Hot Air says it’s possible that she may have discouraged Manfred from pulling out and he did it anyway. Indeed an Atlanta-Journal Constitution reporter, Greg Bluestein, is claiming that’s the case.

Some reminded him of his prior reporting of Abrams whipping up businesses against the law.

So whether that’s CYA or whether she said pull it or don’t pull it, Abrams definitely had a hand in pushing this whole drama and Joe Biden was more than involved telling the MLB he supported the move. It wouldn’t have happened without that.


According to Gasparino, MLB is trying now to figure out how to get out of this mess of their own creation and the fact that the move was really punishing the hard working people of Georgia, including many minorities.

What they really should do is just put it back and admit they were bamboozled by the Democrats and should have learned their lesson. They’re not going to admit that or say that, dare to dream, but that’s the bottom line. And Georgians should take away that it’s all political, Democrats don’t give a darn about them and vote accordingly.


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