Watch This CNN Anchor Openly Push Lyft President to Cause More Economic Pain for Georgia on Live TV

CNN's Poppy Harlow

It would appear that everyone from President Joe Biden to failed 2018 Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams to even some in the media are now realizing that their harsh (and false) words on Georgia’s new voting law are having disastrous consequences for the very minority communities they claim to want to help.


When Democrats start using loaded words like “Jim Crow,” a term which both Biden and Abrams have repeatedly used to describe Georgia’s voting reforms, they know good and darned well that the activist left will do their thing and begin to push corporations to condemn whatever state happens to be under attack, while demanding others pull their events out of the state in question in the ultimate show of opposition to the supposed “Jim Crow law.”

In Georgia’s case, Major League Baseball not only pulled their All-Star game out of Atlanta, but they moved it to Denver and destroyed their newfound “woke” creds in the process. Atlanta is a majority-black city (51%), while Denver is majority white (92%). Minority business owners in Atlanta are already going on record blasting the MLB for pulling the game because it takes away economic opportunities for many in the small business community who have been hard hit by the pandemic.

But though some Democrats and media figures have belatedly figured out their words condemning Georgia’s voting law have caused economic hardship, others in the media are pushing for more pain and for it to be even more acutely felt.

Case in point, CNN’s Poppy Harlow – who is the host of what is supposed to be an objective, unbiased program called “Newsroom.” After Harlow confirmed that Lyft president John Zimmer opposed the Georgia election reforms, she pressed him numerous times Wednesday to put even more economic pressure on Georgia and other states. I’m going to leave Zimmer’s comments out here and just focus on Harlow’s because it’s pretty obvious by how many times Harlow pressed him to “do more” that he was not buying what she was selling:


HARLOW: But you oppose boycotts, which is interesting given the discussion now. So I think the question then becomes, look, if you just look at Georgia, Texas, Arizona, for example, you guys operate in 101 cities in those states. That’s about 15% of your total market. What are you going to do to fight laws on the cusp of passing in those states and others?


HARLOW:Is it, is it all you can do? I mean, that’s really the question now because a lot of these most restrictive laws and bills have been proposed after the 2020 election. And you are pushing now publicly passing of the John Lewis voting rights act that basically fills what was gutted from it by the Supreme Court in 2013. Is there more you can actually do? Like would you consider pulling out of the city?


HARLOW: This really, I think, brings up the fundamental question for you and every other president and CEO of a company out there, which is what’s the role of the CEO going forward? The head of the NAACP legal defense fund said executives like you should be feeling discomfort right now. She says, corporations have to figure out who they are in this moment. Is it now your job as the head of a public company to use your power and your money to decide and push what you think is best for people, even outside of your core business?


HARLOW: I wonder if you think using your voice louder and more CEOs speaking out sooner about this law in Georgia as it was making its way through the state legislature, or as Texas, if that would have made a difference? Some are looking now and saying, why weren’t you guys screaming at the top of your lungs a month ago?


What freakin’ stupidity. So, on top of pulling out to make a statement or whatever, Lyft needs to pull its business out of Georgia and in the process make it harder for the working man and woman to get to places like where they work?

Watch Harlow continuously badger Zimmer on ways he could hurt Georgia and other states who are looking to enact similar legislation below, via MRC-TV:

I would like to once again remind everyone that Harlow’s show is supposed to be a “straight news’ program free from opinions being expressed by the anchor. Does it look like Harlow was being neutral in her reporting? That’s a rhetorical question, of course, because clearly, she wasn’t.

Just add this to the long list of examples showing why CNN is most definitely not a news organization.

By the way, I would just love it if one of CNN’s guests pushed the fact that they are based in Atlanta back in their faces. If Lyft and other businesses should move out of the state in protest, why won’t CNN? The answer is obvious, but I’ll leave it to readers to hash out.

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