The Latest Instance of Ron DeSantis Triggering CNN Is Almost Too Hilarious for Words

As we’ve documented numerous times at this site, there is absolutely no love lost between the anchors and reporters at CNN and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

For literally a year now, the “news” network — which has seen a decline in ratings in recent weeks — has, along with many other media outlets, used DeSantis to distract from New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s epic pandemic management failures. DeSantis, as we all know, did not take the draconian lockdown approach that Cuomo and other failed Democratic governors (like Gavin Newsom in CA) took in their states, and because of that, he was turned into Public Enemy Number Two (Number One was President Trump, of course).


Here we are a year after the pandemic started in America, and so much has changed. The roles in some ways have been reversed as Cuomo is in hot water with his own party while DeSantis’ approach is now earning praise from some Democrats who are reluctantly admitting he might have been right all along.

Understandably, DeSantis is crediting his administration’s policies for helping enable some of the successes the state has seen at a time when the economies in the Democrat-run states the media praised are floundering. DeSantis giving himself and his team some credit — as any governor would — appears to have triggered his foes at CNN, which published a piece dripping with undisguised contempt for him:

How dare he take credit, right? I mean it was okay for Cuomo to take victory laps (on CNN and elsewhere), write a book, go on a mini-tour in order to cover himself in glory despite his nursing home failures, but the economy is humming along in Florida, kids are in school, things are somewhat back to normal there, and DeSantis I guess is supposed to keep quiet about it?


Another hilarious part of CNN’s “report” on Gov. DeSantis was how they framed Fox News’ alleged role in promoting him:

CNN was literally a mouthpiece for Andrew Cuomo last year, but yet Fox News is a “propaganda platform” or something. Projection much, CNN?

What all of this boils down to is that CNN has the sads big time over the fact that DeSantis appears to be almost untouchable at this point even after all their bashing and trashing. Twitter user Drew Holden summed things up rather nicely:


Facts first. Right, CNN?

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