CNN Reporters’ Failed ‘Gotcha’ Moment With Gov. DeSantis Shows Why They Don’t Deserve To Be Called Journalists

CNN Reporters’ Failed ‘Gotcha’ Moment With Gov. DeSantis Shows Why They Don’t Deserve To Be Called Journalists
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CNN media activist Rosa Flores likely had high hopes when she tried to pull a Jim Acosta at that press conference with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. It’s not hard to imagine that she went into that event with something she needed to get off her chest, and by golly, she was going to speak truth to power no matter what.

Of course, if you read Bonchie’s article on the story, you know that instead of achieving her lofty goals, she was treated to a brutal beatdown delivered hot and fresh from the governor. He wrote:

If you can’t watch the clip, what it shows is a smug, reporter attempting to paint Florida’s vaccine roll-out as being botched and overly slow. DeSantis is having none of it, stopping her during her grandstanding and attempting to answer her false allegations. She gets combative and demands over and over to be able to “finish” her question. He eventually lets her, though he was right that she had already asked it and just wanted to give a speech. The second half of the clip is DeSantis just leveling her with what is really happening, ending by pointing out that it’s not the state’s job to dictate to individual hospitals to whom they distribute the vaccine and that attempting such top-down control would be disastrous (he’s right, see New York’s awful vaccine rollout).

While Flores’ attempt to smear Gov. DeSantis was an utter failure, she did succeed at one thing: Further demonstrating why so many members of the press do not deserve to be called journalists. She was not there to ask questions to obtain details about the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine for the public. Her goal was not to inform CNN’s audience.

Her ultimate objective was to score political points against DeSantis by giving a diatribe disguised as a question. In this way, she was trying to add to the firestorm of criticism that the Democrats and activist media have been hurling his way since he does not use the same authoritarian approach to dealing with the pandemic as Democrat governors of other states.

Flores’ performance on Monday does not even slightly resemble anything close to journalism. If she were interested in actual reporting, she’d have asked DeSantis the question and allowed him to answer it. She would have actually done her research on how the vaccine was being distributed, so she didn’t have to ask about it. Indeed, she would have known that the state does not get to dictate how hospitals provide the injection.

But instead, she chose to try to convince her audience that DeSantis was directly responsible for how the vaccine was given to the public. This is the conduct of an activist, not a reporter. Someone like her would never have taken this approach to a Democrat politician. It is fortunate that DeSantis, unlike too many of his colleagues, wasn’t willing to suffer this foolishness lightly, and his clap back was fierce, as it should have been.

If more Republican leaders were willing to take it to media activists like Flores, it would be much harder for these alleged news outlets to peddle their propaganda. These leftist provocateurs need to know that the days of GOP politicians smiling and nodding when these activists hurl their invectives at them are over. Hopefully, we will see more of this from other leaders on the right. It’s nice to see these poorly-disguised activists get their comeuppance, isn’t it?


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