Never Trumpers Become the Absolute Worst of the Gaslighters, and the Reasons Why Tell Us Everything About Them

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No matter what crisis America finds itself in at any given moment, it is without fail that we will be told by our intellectual betters in the mainstream media and enlightened Democrats/Never Trumpers that the only way we can “solve” said crisis is by electing Democrats, because all Republicans want to do is count their money while everyone else suffers and dies or something.


As a prime example of this, we’ve been told in so many words that not a single American would have been infected with the Wuhan virus had a Democrat been in charge. We’re told this by gaslighting prima donna “news anchors” and woke “journalists” in posh studios that sit in the very heart of NYC, a city which is the epicenter for the Wuhan virus, a city which also happens to be controlled by Democrats in a state that is also controlled by Democrats, Democrats who failed to coordinate a coherent, unified strategy to combat the virus in the early days, which enabled it to spread like wildfire not just in their state, but all around the country.

But yeah, having Democrats in charge would have prevented the Wuhan virus outbreak or something. Sure.

The same thing is happening in the aftermath of the senseless death of George Floyd. Protests and riots are happening in cities across the country, and the sentiment at these marches – which is also expressed on nightly news broadcasts and the social media feeds of Democrats and media figures, is that the only way to solve racial injustice in America is by electing Democrats.

Never Trumpers, naturally, jump on any bandwagon they can to elect Democrats to higher office, because that’s their way of “conserving conservatism” or something. Washington Post “conservative” columnist and Twitter activist Jennifer Rubin exemplified this in a recent tweet:


Her growing left wing following approved, but soon after reality intruded with a noticeable boom:

In two simple tweets, “Respectable Lawyer” decimated the insinuation made by Rubin and said outright by others that Democrats will lead the way on combating racial injustice, etc. They’re already in entrenched in positions of power in the big cities where the protests and riots are taking place, and obviously have not been the conduits for racial healing/criminal justice reform we’re told they are. The reasons behind their leadership failures on these issues will be called out, discussed and debated in the months to come as more conservatives push back on the emerging narratives about how Republicans are supposedly to blame for everything.


The gaslighting by NeverTrumpers is not just confined to race issues. Rubin is one of the many people in NeverTrumpLand who has ooh and ahhed Gov. Cuomo’s (failed) handling of the Wuhan virus outbreak in his state. She has all but kissed the ring, completely ignoring reports even from reliably left wing publications about his and Mayor de Blasio’s appalling leadership failures.

So why are they doing this? The reasons why, I think, are obvious – and tell us everything we need to know about them.

Like Democrats, diehard Never Trumpers have been thoroughly discredited by actual conservatives on many levels, including on the issue of Russia/Trump collusion, on the issue of Obamagate, and so much more. Never Trumpers themselves have especially been exposed as massive hypocrites on the issue of conservatism, waving the “I’m a truuue conservative!!” banner but then turning right back around and cheering when liberal Democrats at all levels of government win elections.

Needless to say, that’s not how actually “conserving conservatism” works, folks.

It’s just straight up gaslighting over and over again from people who have accidentally revealed how they have few real core beliefs beyond whatever can get them their next paycheck and party invite.


But they keep on keeping on, because that’s what politically homeless grifters hungry for acceptance and desperate to be taken seriously by the NYC/DC cocktail circuit do. It’s sad, really, but it’s just who (and what) they are.


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