More 'Grooming for Sex' Allegations Surface Against Lincoln Project Co-Founder John Weaver

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On Sunday we reported on how a number of young men had gone public over the weekend with allegations that John Weaver, a co-founder of the Never Trump “Lincoln Project” group, had “offered jobs” and tried to “groom” them for sex.


Political writer/book author Ryan Girdusky was the first to bring up the issue after Lincoln Project advisor Stuart Stevens openly bragged on Twitter about the group’s work in preparing an Enemies List of sorts of former Trump administration officials.

After Girdusky’s tweets – and Donald Trump Jr’s retweeting of some of them, it was like the floodgates opened as young men stepped forward to talk about their (alleged) creepy experiences with Weaver. See the tweets and screengrabs from alleged victims and friends who appeared to vouch for them here. One of the accusers – investigative journalist Scott Stedman – went on record by name. In his lengthy Twitter thread, Stedman provided DM screengrabs and pointed out that his alleged experiences with Weaver “paled in comparison” to others.

What should be noted about the people making the claims directly on Twitter and those seeming to vouch for them is that, outside of Girdusky, their Twitter timelines – prior to the accusations being made – make clear they are not fans of Trump. Some said after the allegations surfaced that they don’t want the Lincoln Project’s name to be tarnished by Weaver’s alleged actions. In other words, none of the direct accusers come off as being motivated by politics.

Since that time, Girdusky has not let up on the story. Last night he pointed out that more accusers were contacting him privately detailing their alleged experiences with Weaver behind the scenes. He also noted that in the 24-48 hour timeframe since the allegations first publicly surfaced, not a single member of the Lincoln Project – a group that spends substantial amounts of time on Twitter – had commented on the allegations:


Girdusky posted stories from other young men who he says contacted him privately over the summer about Weaver’s allegedly stalkerish behavior in a piece he wrote Monday. Here’s one of them:

This man, who will stay anonymous, told me he was in communication with several young men solicited by Weaver for a job, after which he propositioned them for sex as part of the offer. He shared direct messages with me of both young men, one of whom had been “strung along for days about a possible job,” and when they met at his hotel, Weaver demanded they engage in sexual intercourse. They did, it was consensual, but Weaver never made good on the job offer.

48 hours is a lifetime in media circles, and you’d think in that amount of time so-called “journalists” who have previously had members of the Lincoln Project on as political commentators would ask for their comments on the allegations. But they haven’t:


This might be one reason why:

That, and the fact that some of their members are too busy with much more urgent matters like criticizing First Lady Melania Trump for “destroying the Rose Garden.” Priorities you know.

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