Lincoln Project Tries a Super Bowl 'Soul' Dunk on Ivanka Trump, and It Backfires Spectacularly

Lincoln Project Tries a Super Bowl 'Soul' Dunk on Ivanka Trump, and It Backfires Spectacularly
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With the grooming allegations against their co-founder John Weaver, the media fallout from that, and their too little, too late convenient response to the explosive claims, you’d think the geniuses at the Lincoln Project would maybe lay low for a few weeks to spare themselves from further embarrassment, scorn, and ridicule.

But as they’ve demonstrated numerous times over the last four years, the supposedly “principled” Never Trumpers in the group simply do not know when to say when.

The latest instance of the Democrat-funded group’s proving their penchant for opening their mouths and inserting their feet came Sunday night a couple of hours after the Super Bowl. As a short video from Weeknd’s halftime show performance went viral (the clip showed him walking around in a maze as if he was searching for something), the Lincoln Project thought they’d get in on the action by using the video to take a swipe at Ivanka Trump.

Here’s what they tweeted:

As is often the case, the tweet wasn’t nearly as “funny” or “cutting” as they’d no doubt like people to think it was. That was especially true once people started responding to them by turning their argument around on them:

Ouch! Those were harsh but well-deserved.

Ivanka Trump has been a frequent target of the LP’s ire, so much so that allegations of blatant sexism didn’t seem to phase them last year after they ran a “daddy’s girl” ad on Ivanka Trump that quite possibly might have been the most sexist political ad ever made (and, unlike the left, I do not use such terms lightly).

As I’ve noted before, when Democrats and Never Trumpers tell you they’re “pro-women” and all about respecting women’s voices, you shouldn’t believe them for a second. It’s not true now. In fact, it has never been true. And the more desperate the LP gets for more cash (perhaps when the lawsuits start rolling in), the more shameless grifting like this we’re going to get from them.

It stopped being about Trump for Never Trumpers long, long ago (if it ever was). Now it’s all about cash, power, fame, and acceptance from the DC cocktail circuit. And these people will do just about anything, including outright selling their political souls, to get it.

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