CNN's Jake Tapper Feigns Moral Superiority About the Election Again, It Backfires Big Time

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I’ve written before about how the term “state-run TV” has sometimes been used rather loosely over the years, but I firmly believe CNN will be the very personification of it in the Biden-Harris administration. We’ve seen numerous examples of it since Election Day alone, but there were many, many more prior to that.


Among the more notable and out-front contributors to this effort has been CNN’s “The Lead” anchor Jake Tapper, who tried for all of five minutes during Trump’s presidency to present himself as a fair and impartial journalist. But for Tapper, who was once a spokesman for a former Democratic Congresswoman as well as a writer at the rabidly left-wing Salon website, old habits die hard.

The post-Election Day moral lectures on truth-telling and honesty in journalism from Tapper and his colleagues have left a lot to be desired, especially when you consider his and his network’s role in shamelessly gaslighting the American people over the Antifa/Black Lives Matter-led riots from last year, as well as media’s/left’s four-year campaign to convince people that their Russia/Trump collusion narrative wasn’t a hoax (even though it was).

Tapper’s latest entry into the Self-Awareness Fail file comes courtesy of a tweet he posted earlier today concerning what he, his fellow liberals at CNN, and Democrats, in general, have been calling “The Big Lie” – a.k.a. President Trump’s claims about election fraud. In a follow-up to a rant he did on his “State of the Union” program Sunday, Tapper wrote that he wished he “saw evidence that any of the people who pushed the Big Lie about the election had a conscience”:


Imagine being the prominent media figure at CNN of all places feigning moral authority by wishing people who allegedly lied “had a conscience.” As you might imagine, it did not go well:

How many lies and half-baked “truths” have the “reporters” at CNN perpetuated over the last decade or so alone, lies that helped further divide this country, lies that fanned the flames and helped stoke not just last year’s riots, but those prior to them like the weeks of rioting in Ferguson over the “hands up, don’t shoot” narrative that turned out not to be true?


To be fair, people shouldn’t look to politicians to be the ultimate arbiters of what’s true and what’s not, but nor should they look to supposedly objective media outlets like CNN that have infamous histories of pushing one bogus story after the other in the name of advancing a leftist political agenda rather than one of accountability and honesty in reporting.

CNN lost the right to be able to hold the moral high ground on these matters long ago – if they ever even had it at all (which is highly debatable).

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