Jake Tapper Tries a Moral Lecture on 'Good People' vs. 'Bad People', and It Backfires Big Time

People of all political stripes were understandably and justifiably outraged over the unfortunate events that took place yesterday when a small group of alleged Trump supporters broke windows and stormed the Capitol, committed vandalism, and took over some House offices including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s for a brief period.


The mainstream media, of course, were front and center expressing their contempt for what went down. Though some appeared to be genuinely heartbroken and upset, the condemnation from many reporters rang hollow considering how they’d spent the months prior laying the groundwork for extremist agitators on both the left and right to feel as though they could proclaim to be “justified” in taking radical actions in efforts to draw national attention to their various political grievances.

Like clockwork, journalists were quick to blame President Trump and his supporters in Congress, while trying to claim the moral high ground in declaring that those who did not have the “courage” to “stand up” against Trump’s supposed “attempts to steal the election” were “complicit” in the so-called ‘attempted coup” yesterday.

One of the more notable prominent media figures to take this approach was none other than CNN’s Jake Tapper, a self-styled “journalist among journalists” and one who views himself as being beyond reproach and criticism from mere mortals.

Here was one of several morally pretentious hot takes he posted on the Twitter machine Wednesday in the aftermath of the shocking events that unfolded:


Tapper’s predictable holier than thou schtick did not sit well with people who are familiar with some of his past public actions (and inactions), which can best be described in two words: moral cowardice. Here’s how the Twittersphere reacted (my comments will be below these):

There was also his network’s repeated gaslighting and encouragement of the violent BLM/Antifa riots that took place for several months last year:

There was also the time when Tapper gave white/nationalist supremacist Richard Spencer a platform on his afternoon “The Lead” program on CNN:

Tapper was also reminded about how Democrats themselves helped incite rioters and looters last year and even before that:


Also, there was the segment where Tapper gave serial fraudster and CNN favorite Michael Avenatti’s gang rape smears against then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh credence:

While I have no problem whatsoever with people weighing in and condemning what took place at the Capitol yesterday (I have done so as have many of my colleagues here, for example), what I object to here is the messenger in this instance. I can’t think of a single media figure at CNN who could and should be taken seriously on this matter, especially not after all the despicable things they said and did last year to stoke the BLM/Antifa riot flames, including the bizarre justifications some of the network’s top reporters and anchors were throwing out there to excuse all the looting and the fires and the destruction.

They had ample opportunities to speak out strongly and unequivocally last year against lawlessness and anarchy in the Democrat-run cities where Antifa and BLM camped out for months and terrorized communities. But they didn’t. Instead, they all but donned actual cheerleader uniforms on behalf of the rioters.

Republicans, on the other hand, condemned the rioting and looting from the start and continued to do so even as the media (and Democrats) repeatedly turned the other cheek and made excuses. Republicans also immediately condemned the storming of the Capitol yesterday and the chaos that followed.


Do you see a pattern here? When it came to standing up for what was right and for calling out lawlessness for what it was, Republicans were out front last year and yesterday as well in saying there was no place for anarchy in our society. Contrast that with Democrats and the media, who only mustered up the “courage” to do so last year against BLM and Antifa after they found out not doing so was hurting them in the polls.

So who actually has the moral high ground here? Certainly not Tapper, nor the Democrats he supports.

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