Paging Jake Tapper: Biden Team Fusses With Twitter Over Follower Counts in the Middle of a Pandemic

Paging Jake Tapper: Biden Team Fusses With Twitter Over Follower Counts in the Middle of a Pandemic
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A common tactic of CNNers like Brian Stelter, Oliver Darcy, Jake Tapper, and Jim Acosta over the last 9 months or so has been to COVID-shame any Trump administration official when they focus on any issue that potentially could either hurt Democrats at the polls, make the media look bad, or both. They’ve done similarly with Republican commentators and Fox News reporters who talk about or report on stories CNN determines to be “irrelevant” to media narratives.

The line goes something like “We’ve arrived at a grim milestone case count/death toll during the coronavirus pandemic, but all this Trump official or that Fox News reporter or conservative pundit can talk about is [whatever story CNN finds to be a non-story or otherwise too harsh on the left-wing media or the Democratic party].”

Here’s a recent example from Tapper:

Tapper also recently took another cheap shot at Twitter users who were complaining about losing thousands of followers as a result of Twitter’s conservative purge by proclaiming he was “an adult” and didn’t pay attention to such things:

While Tapper’s claim to be “an adult” is worthy of a fact check, we’ll focus on how it’s so odd that Tapper’s rule about “being an adult” and focusing on things that are truly important apparently doesn’t apply to members of Joe Biden’s team, who are now fighting like cats and dogs with Twitter over … follower counts:

Here’s more from Rob Flaherty, who Epstein quoted above and who is also Biden’s digital director:

Later, Flaherty went on to try and frame the issue of Twitter followers as one Biden “couldn’t care less about”, noting the supposed real issue was that Biden “does care about communicating with everyone in the country, whether they agree with him or not” or something.

Has Tapper chimed in and chided the incoming Biden administration for not being “adults” and for whining about follower counts in the middle of a pandemic? Of course he hasn’t:

Maybe Jake will get around to it once he stops trying to paint every Trump supporter as being complicit in last week’s Capitol riot, because he’s not doing so well in that department, either:

Oh, and about that being “an adult” about follower counts:

Thank goodness that “C” in CNN doesn’t stand for “consistency.” Otherwise Jake might be in a lot of trouble with the bosses… or maybe not.

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