Joe Biden Calls for Unity, and People Have Thoughts

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Joe Biden is pushing ahead towards his probable administration, and that means the ridiculous platitudes are flying. After a highly contentious campaign, most of which Biden spent waging from the confinement of his basement, the former VP wants you to know that it’s now, and only now, that we need to drop our pretenses of partisanship and unify.


You got that? When you were a “chump,” as Biden once described Trump supporters during a stump speech, he had no use for you except to denigrate. Now that he believes he’s secured victory following the 2020 election, it’s time to bend the knee and sing sweet nothings into his ear.

In response, people had thoughts.

Here’s how things don’t work. You don’t get to trash your opposition for the entirety of Trump’s term, including pushing wild conspiracy theories that essentially accused your fellow citizens of being Russian stooges, and then demand they drop their partisanship to unify around you. That’s even more true when Biden’s agenda is deeply divisive.


Townhall’s Storm Paglia pointed that out.

If Biden wants to unify, let’s talk about unity around policies that won’t cost people their jobs, raise the cost of goods, violate their rights, and generally force the religion of woke on everyone. But we all know Biden and his party don’t want to unify around that. They want fealty.

Yeah, that’s not gonna happen. Democrats had a chance after the 2016 election to act normal, at least in some minor capacity. Instead, they mumbled about Russians and called people racist for four years. That can’t now be walked back under the guise of unifying around their choice for president. That’s too one-sided, and it’s certainly too convenient. Democrats will get exactly as much unity as they showed Trump and his supporters. That is to say, they will get no unity at all.


That’s the consequences of setting your hair on fire and attempting to destroy your opposition when you had the chance to do things differently. Biden should stop the ridiculous calls for unity and realize the next four years are going to be a battle. Nothing will be made easy for him.

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