Jake Tapper Virtue Signals About GOP 'Moral Cowardice', His Argument Gets Turned Around on Him Big Time

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As we’ve previously documented here at RedState, CNN’s Jake Tapper has firmly established himself over the last several years as the type of media figure who almost always has an angle to push. Not surprisingly, most of those angles involve the promotion and/or perpetuation of tiresome Democratic bogeyman narratives about the evil nature of Republicans.

Had that not been clear prior to Election Day, Tapper’s post-election actions –including launching into juvenile rants against White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany as well as endorsing the concept of an Enemies List-style shaming of former Trump administration officials – should put any doubts about Tapper’s supposed “objectivity” as a journalist to rest.

Along with being a pom pom-waving cheerleader for Team Biden comes certain responsibilities, and one of them includes rampant virtue signaling on Twitter, something at which Tapper excels on a daily basis.

Case in point, a tweet Tapper posted this weekend in response to one from Columbia Journalism School professor Bill Grueskin on how “GOP lawmakers who once supported [Georgia Secretary of State Brad] Raffensperger” allegedly “won’t comment” on reports that Raffensperger and his wife have received vile death threats, including some of an allegedly “sexual nature” in the aftermath of how he handled Georgia’s presidential election.

Tapper’s reply was to accuse Republicans of “such moral cowardice”:

While the alleged threats are indeed despicable and unacceptable, Tapper’s preachy tone did not sit well with people who have more than a passing knowledge of Tapper’s history on the “moral cowardice” front, including our own managing editor Streiff:

I didn’t see one, nor did I see a tweet from Tapper condemning the violent threats directed towards General Services Administration (GSA) chief Emily Murphy, which ramped up after Tapper’s tough guy colleague Chris Cuomo made Murphy the target of some vicious rants on his “Prime Time” program, including flashing her picture onscreen and accusing her of “smiling” while people were dying from the coronavirus.

What I have seen Tapper tweet, however, is for other media outlets like the New York Post to bend the knee to the Powers That Be at Twitter instead of standing firm on journalistic principles against their selective censorship tactics.

I’ve also seen Tapper lecture Fox News reporters about what real journalism supposedly is and isn’t, which is rather comical when you consider his network’s four-year “Russia collusion” disinformation campaign, not to mention all the other “bombshells” CNN reported on that turned out to be anything but. There are also all the stories CNN has either ignored or only given obligatory coverage to, which is another topic altogether for another day.

So no, not a single person in the Republican party needs a lecture on alleged “moral cowardice” from someone who to this day throws competing media outlets under the bus when it’s convenient to his and his employer’s narratives, and who won’t utter one word of criticism against his own network despite how often they do the very things he often accuses Republicans and his competitors at rival networks of doing.

Don’t go away mad, Jake Tapper. Just go away.

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