Watch: Tucker Carlson Takes a Blowtorch to the Media Over Their Hunter Biden Coverage in Epic Monologue

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We’ve written quite a bit today about the mainstream media’s sudden about-face on the issue of Hunter Biden’s shady overseas business dealings, a story which resurfaced this week thanks to a statement issued from Hunter Biden himself via the Biden transition team Wednesday noting that he was under investigation by the feds.


The “journalists” at CNN and other media outlets like Politico for some reason acted as though they should receive a cookie or two for finally giving the story some attention after either seriously downplaying or outright suppressing it two months ago. Understandably, those who remember their abhorrent treatment of the New York Post in October were in no mood to oblige them.

Not surprisingly, Tucker Carlson had a lot to say about the subject at the open of his program earlier tonight, and he gave the media a ripping into for the ages. He torched CNN’s Christiane Amanpour (who actually told the RNC’s Liz Harrington in a contentious interview that it wasn’t the media’s job to investigate the story), her media hall monitor colleague Brian Stelter, the Daily Beast, and Politico among others for how they sneered at the story back in October, with some of them outright treating the story as though it were part of a Russian misinformation campaign.

He also pointed out that his program and network were one of the very few that took the story seriously at the time it originally broke, and that they turned out to be right on the money. Here’s a partial transcript:

“I’m a journalist and a reporter,” says Christiane Amanpour, who of course is neither of those things and never has been. She is a celebrity script reader, a half-wit whose self-esteem far outpaces her accomplishments. She is also, it turns out, the personal flak for the Biden family international finance corporation.

And so it went across the entire American news media until the presidential election. Now, six weeks later, it is finally safe to speak freely. We now know the New York Post was right all along, and so was poor Liz Harrington of the RNC.


What’s interesting is how we found this out. The media didn’t tell us, and neither did the Justice Department. Hunter Biden has far better connections than, say, Roger Stone. Hunter Biden was allowed to tell his own story. He wasn’t rousted from bed at 5 a.m. by dozens of armed paramilitaries in front of a live CNN audience. He’s a prominent Democrat, so he was spared those humiliations.

Instead, the Biden-Harris transition team broke the news in the form of a bizarre press release that informed us with a straight face that Joe Biden was “deeply proud” of his boy Hunter, who, by the way, may have had some minor tax trouble that he will clear up the minute his account returns from Cabo. No big deal, and Happy Holidays.


No stone was left unturned. It was 12 minutes of Tucker unleashing fury on the professional news suppression artists in the mainstream media. Watch:

Ironically, some of the same media outlets patting themselves on the back for playing catch-up on this story are also suggesting that the story be kept “in proportion” to any supposedly scandalous story involving President Trump because Orange Man Bad and stuff and left-wing narratives and all that.

In other words: The media must remain in Protect the Democrat mode at all times.

These people are nothing if not predictable. Their credibility is shot all to hell, but they just do. not. care. They just don’t. It’s understandable to a point, I guess, considering there really is no turning back from the damage they’ve done.

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