Ric Grenell Blows Up, Big Time, the Group That Should Be Most Ashamed of What They Did on the Hunter Biden Story

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So we’ve all been talking a lot about the investigation into Hunter Biden and how the mainstream media seems to have finally caught up to the fact that yes, it’s real and it’s Russian disinformation as some tried to claim before the election.


Now that they think Joe Biden won, they’re free to just say “oh, well, here’s this thing.”

Never mind that they consciously suppressed it from the American people and completely failed in their supposed job prior to the election.

We saw a lot of conservatives chastising the media today for what they did.

But I wanted to talk about another group.

We expect the Democrats to cover for Biden. Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) told CNN it was a “smear” straight from the Kremlin. CNN’s Jeff Zucker said in his morning conference call to impress upon people this stuff about Hunter was just more “Russian disinformation.” A lot of mainstream media has become little more than Democratic operatives at this point.

There’s a group that we don’t expect and for sure shouldn’t be playing this game and that’s the intelligence community.

But they have and they did in this instance as well.

There were 50 former senior intelligence officers who signed a letter saying that Hunter Biden’s emails had all the signs of a Russian disinformation campaign.


This was shortly after the Hunter story dropped from the NY Post, but there had already been a lot of evidence showing there were valid investigations underway, including investigations that involved the actions of Joe Biden’s brother, James as well.

But as former Acting Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell observed, they had no idea what they were talking about but they were trading on the background to make what they were saying sound credible to the American people. When it completely wasn’t.

Who were these people? Well once again, we see the involvement of John Brennan. Funny how that evil man’s name just keeps cropping up when the lies are unraveled.

From Politico:

Nick Shapiro, a former top aide under CIA director John Brennan, provided POLITICO with the letter on Monday. He noted that “the IC leaders who have signed this letter worked for the past four presidents, including Trump. The real power here however is the number of former, working-level IC officers who want the American people to know that once again the Russians are interfering.”


No, the real story is how much they will spin to deceive the American people. John Brennan was of course one of the signers. The group included other former CIA heads Leon Panetta, Gen. Michael Hayden, John McLaughlin and Michael Morell. Many of the group were of course Biden supporters.

So all these people really should be apologizing now or be met with complete scorn for trying to hoodwink the public. All of them interfered in the election. No need to have Russian interference.

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