Video: Jill Biden Gets Asked About Hunter Biden Scandal, What Happened Next Was (Sadly) All Too Familiar

Video: Jill Biden Gets Asked About Hunter Biden Scandal, What Happened Next Was (Sadly) All Too Familiar
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Largely aided and abetted by the mainstream media, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has for months now been able to dodge, weave, and tap dance all around questions surrounding his son Hunter’s questionable overseas business dealings, including the Burisma Holdings scandal that has implications reaching all the way up to Joe Biden himself.

Though the media has covered for the Biden family from the start on any troubling matter related to Hunter Biden – including helping deliberately suppress a damning series of stories on him from the NY Post just a few weeks before the election, there was no getting around the unexpected announcement from Hunter Biden himself Wednesday that he was under investigation by the feds, something that, as it turns out, has been ongoing since 2018.

The Biden campaign has, of course, been as cagey as ever since the statement was released, but that hasn’t stopped some in the suddenly-interested media from trying to ask questions for a change.

Such was the case earlier today when Joe Biden’s wife Jill was asked by Fox News reporter Griff Jenkins about the Hunter Biden story during an Operation Gratitude event where care packages are packed and boxed up for military veterans. Not only did she not answer the question, but reporters were “shooed away” from her and apparently obediently followed the instructions of her handlers to leave the area:

Jill Biden refused to answer questions about son Hunter Biden’s tax investigation as she packed care packages for troops with her husband’s defense secretary nominee.

The incoming first lady joined retired General Lloyd Austin, a dozen volunteers from Operation Gratitude and about a dozen members of the DC National Guard in camouflage packing up boxes of treats for Americans serving overseas during the holidays.

She was asked for her reaction to the news of Hunter Biden’s tax investigation but her staff stepped in front of the pack of reporters to shoo them away. Jill Biden went back to loading boxes, not acknowledging the question.


Sadly, this is not the first time reporters have been herded away from a member of the Biden family like cattle for trying to ask questions. Twice in one week back in August after Joe Biden announced Sen. Kamala Harris as his vice-presidential running mate, journalists covering two different public appearances were all but pushed out of the room after conclusion of the staged events. Questions were not allowed.

The same thing happened late last month to CBS News reporter Bo Erickson after he asked a question during another staged-for-the-cameras “meeting” between Biden, Harris, House Speaker Pelosi, and Sen. Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. He was practically shoved out of the room, too.

To put things in perspective:

Assuming Biden is certified the winner of the presidential election later this month, the media better get used to this type of “we don’t have to answer to you” treatment from the same people who promised to “respect the freedom of the press” – and understand that their complaints will get them nowhere in a Biden-Harris administration. They set the precedent for being treated like aides and spokespeople instead of reporters for months while Biden was hiding in his basement, so raising the roof on poor treatment at this point comes more than a bit too late.

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