Tucker Carlson and Donald Trump Jr. Chat About Georgia Senate Runoffs, No Games Are Played (Watch)

We’ve written a lot here at RedState about the importance of the upcoming Georgia Senate runoff races, where incumbent Republican Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler will, respectively, take on Democrats Jon Ossoff and Rev. Raphael Warnock on January 5th.


As it stands now, Republicans have a 50-48 advantage in the Senate, and Perdue and Loeffler winning their reelection battles next month would allow the GOP to maintain control of it. Understandably, a 50-50 Senate is not where Republicans want to be, especially if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are certified as the winners of the election later this month.

In spite of what looked like some early momentum for the “boycott the runoffs” movement, led by attorney Lin Wood, it would appear that the momentum has shifted in the other direction thanks in part to some pretty powerful pleas from President Trump himself, his son Donald Trump, Jr., and Republican Senators including Ted Cruz.

Win or lose the presidential election, Trump’s legacy is on the line along with the long list of Republican accomplishments made during his four years in office. This is something Trump obviously understands very well, and those closest to him do as well.

Trump Jr. appeared last night on Tucker Carlson’s program on Fox News, where Carlson brought up the calls from Wood and others for Republicans to sit out the runoffs and asked Trump Jr. his thoughts.

DJT, Jr, who is inarguably one of his dad’s most vocal and out-front supporters, laid it all on the line in talking about what was at stake.

Watch all the way to the end, where you’ll see that even Carlson was impressed by the case his guest made on why it is so vitally important that Republicans make their voices heard at the ballot box in January in the two Senate runoffs:


As I’ve noted before, that Lin Wood wants to continue to dig into what happened in Georgia is great, maybe the smoking gun is close at hand. But in the meantime, there are other battles to be fought and that one is for control of the Senate. Even if one does believe fraud occurred in the presidential race, sitting out the Senate races assures there will be Republican losses on Jan. 5th. This country literally cannot afford for that to happen.

People can believe fraud happened and sit out in protest, which would guarantee two Republican losses, or they can go vote in record numbers and for Loeffler and Perdue in spite of it in order to give them a better chance of winning and to send a message that they will not be cowed. It’s that simple.

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