Kelly Loeffler Reminds Georgia and America That Democrats Should Not Win in Georgia

As the Senate races in Georgia are heating up, both the Republicans and the Democrats are doing everything they can to try and win the two Senate races and seize control of the Senate ahead of a Joe Biden presidency.


In one of those races, Kelly Loeffler and Raphael Warnock took part in a Sunday debate that saw both candidates trying to tear the other down. But it was Loeffler who sent the strongest message out to Republicans across the state — and the country — that Warnock represented everything the Democrats would inflict on them if he were allowed to win.

Loeffler largely stuck to her script in the debate against Warnock, but she was sure to remind voters on a near-constant basis what exactly Warnock is. Her message discipline was very on point.

In particular, she was able to successfully let everyone know that Warnock is pretty much incapable of committing to the capitalist economy that America has successfully run on since its inception.


Via my colleague Nick Arama:

Loeffler asked Warnock about his frequent praise for Marxism and the redistribution of income, and she asked him to denounce Marxism and socialism. He previously had worked for a church which invited Fidel Castro to the church and praised him.

While he claimed to believe in the free enterprise system, he dodged denouncing the troubling ideologies. How far left are you when you can’t condemn it? When you can’t call out the evil it’s done?

Senator Kelly Loeffler of Georgia
AP Photo/John Bazemore

Warnock was unable to condemn the ideologies that have wrought devastation to eastern Europe and South America in the past, and he was also unwilling to say whether or not he supported “packing the court,” one of the key issues that may have saved Republicans in the 2020 election.

Warnock is exactly the type of Democrat the Democratic Party is wrestling with internally right now. He is very much in the camp of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and the rest of their gang, and that is a wing of the party that isn’t even considering playing the long game when it comes to shifting America to the left politically. The party’s establishment wants to muzzle them, but they also can’t not support Warnock. Not when they’re so close to winning the Senate.


That’s what makes this race so important for the people of Georgia and for America. It is the chance for America to have a split government that requires either negotiation or results in stalemate — both outcomes that are largely good for Americans. If Warnock and Jon Ossoff win their races in Georgia, however, you can expect the incoming Biden administration to go full progressive and force changes on you and your lifestyle.

Georgians have to listen, and conservatives have to jump on board. There is no reason to not support Loeffler and Perdue in their races. If they do, then we’ll get more of that “fundamental change” that began with Barack Obama.


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