Trump's Solution to Voter Fraud Is the Right One

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Last night, Trump held a massive rally in Georgia, with the primary goal being to promote Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue for their upcoming Senate run-offs. Obviously, keeping Chuck Schumer out of the top leadership role in the chamber has to be a top priority, especially with so many of Trump’s election challenges continuing to fail. That’s not a judgment on the fairness of the courts, but simply an admission of the reality of the situation. Unless something unprecedented happens, Joe Biden is almost certainly going to be sworn in this coming January.


Given that, any bulwark against his policies and judicial appointments is absolutely necessary to have. Trump realizes that and he went full bore for Loeffler and Perdue during the rally, sharing his solution to voter fraud.

This is what I’ve been indicating in a lot of my posts, to the chagrin of some, though I get the angst. The answer to voter fraud is not pushing impossibilities like state legislatures overriding certified election results, regardless of whether one felt the election was fair. That’s never going to happen, and if it did, the country would be over anyway. There’s also zero chance that Georgia completely changes its voting system less than a month before an election. That’s especially true given that Sidney Powell’s Dominion conspiracy theories have been a distraction from the more viable challenges, not a smoking gun.


To the extent that fraud occurred, i.e. whether it was enough to change the outcome of the election or not, the only way to fight back now is to overcome any efforts of a repeat with overwhelming turnout. I have zero doubt fraud occurred in places on November 3rd and in the days after. But falling into the idea that Democrats have so thoroughly gamed the system that it’s not worth showing up is not backed by evidence. That assertion is the domain of scam artists who stand to gain from seeing Loeffler and Perdue lose so they can scream fraud again and collect more donations. If enough Republicans vote, it won’t matter what Fulton County does. That’s the path forward right now. The fight to change voting systems and shore up our elections was never going to be accomplished before January 5th. We just have to go out and win right now.

You only get to face the situation that is placed in front of you. It may not be fair, and it may be frustrating, but that doesn’t change things. Trump understood that last night. That’s why he told everyone in Georgia to get out and vote to keep the Senate under Republican control. Listen to him, not grifting lawyers like Lin Wood who are only trying to further up their profiles.


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