Senior Cuomo Advisor Melts Down Over NY Post Report on Gov's Hypocrisy, It Wasn't a Good Look

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That the New York Post doesn’t play by conventional media rules when it comes to their political reporting is a wonderful thing, especially considering both the city and the state are run by hardcore Democrats who are used to being coddled and worshipped by other mainstream media outlets.


The reporters and outlets who don’t give them the kid-glove treatment or who otherwise dare to ask the occasional tough question routinely face hostility from these same Democrats, as we saw a couple of weeks ago when Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) erupted at two different ones for having the audacity to ask him to clear up the confusion over school closures. At one point during the presser, it got so bad that it looked like Cuomo was going to jump over the table and take a swing at one of them.

Fast forward to Monday, and instead of Cuomo having a meltdown over reporting he didn’t like it was one of his senior advisors, because apparently hostility towards reporters who go against the “Gov’s all that and a bag of chips” grain is a prerequisite for anyone working for, with, or on behalf of His Royal Highness.

It all started after New York Post journalist Bernadette Hogan filed a report on how the Governor and several of his top aides held yet another COVID presser indoors without wearing masks:

Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Monday crowed to reporters that his push for mask-wearing helped curb New York’s COVID-19 cases — while his tone-deaf panel of aides sat in the closed room without ever putting theirs on.

“What worked in the spring, and the reason you’re wearing a mask today, is because we told the truth, and New Yorkers responded,’’ the governor said at the more-than-hourlong Manhattan press conference.

Cuomo wasn’t wearing a mask at the time, nor were his five top aides on the dais, including state Health Commissioner Howard Zucker and SUNY Chancellor Jim Malatras.


After the report went live, Hogan posted the link to it on her Twitter feed:

New York Post columnist Karl Markowicz also noticed the big discrepancy, and posted a picture for those who weren’t watching the press conference:

All of this greatly displeased Rich Azzopardi, a senior advisor to Cuomo, who attacked the Post in a way that would have had Brian Stelter erupting in an “ATTACK ON THE FREE PRESS!!!” rant had it been a Trump official sniping at journalist:


Azzopardi’s smart-a**ery did not go over well with people who lost loved ones thanks to Cuomo’s failed leadership, and others who are sick of King Cuomo’s double standards:


Honestly, the gall of Cuomo and his merry band of gaslighters to continue flouting their own rules even as they tout how magnificent his leadership supposedly was at the height of the crisis in his state is truly unbelievable, not to mention tone-deaf at a time when they’re demanding everyone hunker down and mask up.

I think God every day for warriors like Janice Dean, who has continued to be a voice for those seeking justice for their loved ones who died in New York’s nursing homes and assisted living facilities after Cuomo’s deadly March executive order forcing such places to take COVID-positive patients went into effect.

At least 6,000 are known to have died as a result, but because NY at one point sneakily changed the rules on how some COVID deaths were counted, the number is likely much higher – some guesstimates have put the actual number at double that.

That he is routinely treated with such reverence and respect from the same people who would call him a grandma killer if he was a Republican is beyond shameful, reprehensible even. His complicit enablers in the mainstream media – CNN especially – are to “thank” for that.

Years from now when historians look back at this point in America’s history, the ones who do an honest assessment of Gov. Cuomo’s handling of the pandemic will regard his record of one disastrous failure after another as one of the state’s lowest points.


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