Richard Grenell Calls Out CNN Journalist for Liberal Bias, Her Response Ends up Proving His Point

AP Photo/Darko Vojinovic

As Bonchie reported earlier today, it didn’t take long for “reporters” to begin swooning over Antony Blinken, a longtime Joe Biden aide who is also the Democratic presidential nominee’s secretary of state pick.


CNN senior global affairs analyst/journalist Bianna Golodryga, who is also listed on CNN’s website as a “fill-in anchor” for the network, was among the many who oohed and aahed Biden’s decision, making sure to double down on the subtle, anti-Trump cheap shot included in the Bloomberg article she cited in her tweet by including one of her own:

Former acting DNI Richard Grenell, who has faced similar “he’s inexperienced” criticisms in the past from Democrats and others in the media who didn’t like how well he did his job, saw Golodryga’s Twitter post and responded accordingly by accusing her of being a liberally biased journalist:

Funny thing is that instead of countering Grenell’s claim, just a few hours later Golodryga responded to his tweet by … proving his point:


Grenell, who has made it clear in prior tweets that he is not one to be trifled with, did not let up:

MSNBC anchor Ali “peaceful protest” Velshi tried to white knight for Golodryga:

But he was no match for Grenell, who kept his foot on the gas:

It’s hilarious, in a way. If reporters at least put on the pretense of being neutral – even if it was just going through the motions of reporting on important stories objectively, we wouldn’t have to keep having these conversations over and over and over again. But as independent journalist Glenn Greenwald documented below (and as we have here as well, on many occasions), it’s like they don’t even care anymore about just how “out there” their pro-Democrat biases look to the people who are reading them:


Sadly, this is only a mere preview of the type of nauseating, full-blown, state-run TV/print media stuff we will see on an hourly basis in the event Biden and Harris are certified next month as the winners of the election. Which is why – even in the event Trump loses – we must continue to fight the good fight and expose these people for who and what they are. Because no one else will.

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