This: Rob Schneider Nails Biggest Problem With Democratic Mandates on Thanksgiving Gatherings in One Tweet

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As we’ve previously reported, wildly hypocritical Democratic governors in states like California, New York, and North Carolina are throwing cold water on the holiday excitement many Americans feel this time of the year by way of mandating indoor gatherings including those held at private residences be limited to no more than 10 people in a supposed effort to slow the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus.


As they have throughout the pandemic, many Republicans are openly pledging to defy such mandates in the name of freedom and liberty, all but daring the Democratic leaders in these states to send in law enforcement to private homes to bust up families and friends sitting at the Thanksgiving table and enjoying their time together.

In response to Republicans announcing what they’re planning on doing for Thanksgiving, the Usual Suspects on the left have rushed to declare these people as callous and cold-hearted, insensitive and uncaring about the health and well-being of the public. Just days after encouraging Biden supporters to take to the streets to celebrate in large crowds, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes alleged that “increasingly the entire Republican Party has basically taken the side of the virus and are actively trying to spread it.”

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has also weighed in on Thanksgiving get-togethers and endorsed the draconian and unconstitutional mandates from Democratic governors, insinuating the country would be in the same position it is in now next year at this time if it didn’t do as Dr. Fauci demanded and “do what you’re told.”

But one crucial thing the media and Democrats have worked to bury in the discussion about keeping everyone safe in the middle of the coronavirus outbreak is whether or not continuing to keep people locked down and away from their families is ultimately doing them – and this country – more harm than good.


Actor/comedian Rob Schneider, who has made clear in the past that he is no fan of fascistic Democratic shenanigans, simplified the argument in one brief but important tweet that contained the following quote:

This reply to Schneider’s tweet also summed things up rather well:

My senior citizen parents and I all tested positive for the coronavirus at the same time back in mid/late August, and it was my biggest nightmare come true. They were in the highest risk category and dad had multiple underlying conditions that put him at especially high risk for the worst possible outcome. But at the same time none of us regretted our decision to get together for the first time in months. We had done what all the “experts” had told us to do, and yet we still caught it. We knew, too, that the longer we waited to get together, the bigger the emotional toll it would take on our lives – and our liberty as free American citizens.


My family will be holding a safe, socially-distanced “peaceful protest” on Thanksgiving, not as a show of defiance but because at this point in the pandemic we understand that the lockdown “cure” Democratic governors in states like mine are touting is too much for us to continue to bear – as a family and as a country.

That is nothing to be ashamed of – nor to be shamed over, either.

(Hat tip: Twitchy)

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