Joe Biden Has Wild Demands for Thanksgiving Gatherings, Says You Best Listen to Him

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Joe Biden isn’t president yet, but he’s already acting as if he is. Today, he gave a tepid presser in which the media bent the knee and shined his shoes. Reporters lined up in order to ask questions, a start departure from the free for all the press treated Trump’s pressers like.  Four of the questions were softballs about how bad the orange man is. At one point, Biden claimed that more people would die if Trump didn’t facilitate a quick transition, which is odd since the transition does not grant Biden any power.


Regardless, at another point Biden decided to go full Gavin Newsom over Thanksgiving, offering a preview of what his administration plans to bring forth on a national level.

Let me get this straight. Every single person who gathers for Thanksgiving is expected to have gotten a COVID test with a negative result the day prior? Does he think doctors offices just have unlimited resources and time to process millions of Americans the day before one of the biggest family holidays of the year? This is the kind of thing you’d expect your 12 year old to suggest because they are just too dumb to know how ridiculous it sounds. There’s also absolutely no reason for healthy people to be getting tested in the first place. It pollutes the data with false positives and asymptomatic cases, leaving us with an incomplete picture of who is truly vulnerable from the disease.


I do love the continued devotion to mask wearing though, as if wearing a mask at the dinner table makes any sense at all. Obviously, you are all already exposed to each other at that point, never mind that masks have been shown to be largely useless as spikes are happening in heavily mask wearing countries, including the United States.

Regardless, Joe Biden doesn’t get to dictate how many people come over for Thanksgiving. He also doesn’t get to dictate how close people get to each other or if they wear a mostly pointless piece of cloth on their face. In the end, people have to measure their own risk, which they can do largely based off their age and preconditions, and make smart choices. This one size fits all form of mitigation is absolutely asinine.

But this is a preview of the anti-science junk you can expect from a Biden administration. His advisors are already talking about more lock downs. Biden is also your typical cowardly politician, which means he’ll always take the easy road out. It’s easier to just say lock it down than to own the results of keeping the country open because it’s ultimately the best thing for everyone. You do have to love his veiled threat that 2021 will be just as bad if we don’t listen to his wisdom now.


That so many people voted for this nonsense is just mind-numbing.


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