CNN Reporter Runs and Hides After Sexist Tweet About Georgia Sen. Kelly Loeffler Backfires Big Time

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Over the last two weeks, CNN has given us disturbing preview after preview of what state-run TV might look like under a possible Biden-Harris administration.

For example, there was the segment where anchor Jake Tapper and his colleagues Dana Bash and Abby Phillip gushed over the thought of Kamala Harris becoming the first woman of color vice president. There was also chief media correspondent Brian Stelter salivating over how there may be a “restoration of normal relations between the president and the press corps” after an interview with Biden campaign press secretary T.J. Ducklo.


And on Monday night, CNN anchor and resident tough guy Chris “Fredo” Cuomo gave the game away when he blurted out the quiet part about how “You know, for people like us, we do the job based on who’s in power …”

There are a ton more examples where that came from, with the most recent one coming courtesy of CNN’s chief climate correspondent Bill Weir, who took a few moments earlier today to give people some insight into his deep thoughts on the upcoming Georgia Senate runoff races.

It happened after Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) posted a video where she noted how the Senate races were about supporting either the American dream or socialism. She then talked about how she had lived the American dream. “I was born and raised on a farm. I waitressed myself through school. I went from the farm to the Fortune 500. I’ve created 100s of jobs in Georgia,” she said:

Instead of respectfully stating his position on the issues in the race between Loeffler and her Democratic opponent Rev. Raphael Warnock, Weir decided to dive into the gutter with this scorching hot take on Loeffler’s remarks:


Sadly, Weir’s mud-wallowing moment was enthusiastically cheered by another CNN “journalist”, who – instead of scolding him for his behavior – egged him on with this attaboy-esque reply:

The smug “climate expert” got exactly the kind of responses he deserved:


Despite the avalanche of criticism he received for comments we know would have fellow CNNers like Jake Tapper and Don Lemon erupting in full-blown outrage had they come from someone at Fox News about, say, Democratic icon Stacey Abrams, Weir instead doubled down and then ran away:

And not just political activism, but blatant, unabashed sexism as well.

Will this be condemned by the CNN PR team and the other cast of characters at the network who, in contrast, often launch into week-long “war on women!” tirades against Republicans for the sin of merely uttering legitimate criticisms about female Democratic politicians? Of course not:

Right on. Because silence is complicity and violence and all that, right?


Your rules, CNN. Your rules. We don’t make them, but we’ll danged sure make sure to hold you to them.

(Hat tip: Scott Whitlock at Newsbusters)

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