CNN Previews the Media Under a Possible Joe Biden Administration

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There are plenty of more important reasons to root for Trump to prevail in his current dogfight to win re-election than spiting the mainstream media. Saving the economic recovery, stopping the return of a disastrous foreign policy, and protecting the individual rights of citizens all come to mind.


But I think every Republican can get behind spiting the media as another worthy cause. Perhaps no institution in modern history has done more damage to the credibly of our systems and elections than these people over the last four years. And right on cue, they are ready to turn back into lovable lap dogs at the mere thought of Biden prevailing.

Thus we get this preview of how they’ll treat a possible Biden presidency.

Jake Tapper introduces the conversation about Kamala Harris being the first female VP in the most fawning of terms, recounting her speech at the DNC convention. What follows is two minutes of softest, most supportive coverage of a politician you’ll see on cable news, as if the only reason Republicans oppose Biden and Harris is to prevent such a “historic” moment.

If the current irregularities in vote counting are allowed to stand, ending with Biden standing victorious, this is only going to get worse. After four years of constant “anonymous sources familiar with” stories going after the Trump administration, you can expect those kinds of stories to die out completely. The government will once again, very conveniently, become a Fort Knox for information, with no negative leaks ever happening. That won’t be because people aren’t willing to talk to reporters anymore. It’ll be because the media will be actively suppressing any and all bad news for Biden and Harris.


Of course, that’s only for as long as Biden remains in office. We all know he isn’t going last his first term, if he gets a first term. In fact, I’d be surprised if he makes it through a first year. And that’s really been the plan all along. It’s why CNN in the above clip isn’t focused on Biden, but rather are fainting with praise over Kamala Harris. That’s who they really want to be covering for the next four years, and they’ll be covering for her a lot more than actually covering her.

We are going to need more drool cups if Trump and his lawyers can’t pull this out of the fire.

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