Georgia Sec. of State Makes Bizarre Claim About Trump's Absentee Votes, Which Calls Into Question Other Claims

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Georgia Republican Sec. of State Brad Raffensperger is in the hot seat with many high-profile Republicans in the state including incumbent Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue, who last week called for him to step down. President Trump has also criticized his handling of the presidential election there, calling him “a so-called Republican (RINO)” who allegedly made it “easier” for Democrats to commit election fraud with mail-in ballots.


Raffensperger has hit back against their claims about his handling of the absentee vote-counting process and the recount process in the state by alleging that the national GOP and their legal team don’t understand Georgia election laws, among other things. He has also posted supposed “fact checks” to counter some of their allegations against him.

But today, Raffensperger gave an interview to local news outlet WSB-TV where he made a claim that makes absolutely no sense regarding the number of Republicans he said voted absentee in the GOP primary but didn’t vote in the general:


I haven’t seen the full interview because I don’t believe it’s been dropped yet, but even if that snippet were put “in context” it still wouldn’t make sense.


Are we supposed to believe that 24,000 faithful Republicans who voted via absentee ballot in the primary took Trump’s lectures to heart about the potential for fraud with mail-in ballots so much so that they decided not to vote altogether, which they would have had to know would hurt Trump’s chances to defeat Biden? I’m calling BS on that big time.

RedState senior copy editor Susie Moore’s BS detector went off, too, when she read what the SoS alleged: “I believe in DJT SO much that I’m NOT gonna vote for him…..” she sarcastically said in response to the tweet.

It just doesn’t add up.

Raffensperger’s highly questionable claim here and the non-sensical conclusion he drew from it calls into question other claims he’s made, such as the one where he alleged Sen. Lindsey Graham urged him to throw out legal ballots in the Georgia presidential race.

I noticed today that Raffensperger has backtracked a bit and added the word “implied” to his remarks about Graham, which proves that it wasn’t something actually said, and instead was just something the embattled Raffensperger assumed without evidence.

To be honest, I hadn’t paid that much attention to the war between Raffensperger, the state GOP, and the Trump campaign until today. But seeing as to what he said a few hours ago about Trump’s absentee ballot voters and what he alleged about Graham last night (which as I noted earlier he’s already walking back), it now makes a lot more sense why there’s been some stiff Republican pushback against him.


This guy has a tendency to go off half-cocked, and then ends up having to correct the record later. He did it regarding the “updated” number of ballots that needed to be counted in Georgia a few days after Election Day and he did it with his comments about Graham. Just what else has he gotten wrong in this election?

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