They Just Keep 'Finding' Ballots to Count in Georgia, and It Doesn't Make Any Sense

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As I’ve noted before, I’m generally one of those people who view election night results I’m unhappy with from an “okay, so and so won, I’m gonna grumble about it for a bit and then get to work countering their agenda” perspective. My first thought is usually not to allege the election was not “STOLEN!” It’s “what can our party do better so that we can get the results we want next time around?”


But when things look fishy and smell stinky, they definitely deserve a calling out, and some of the things going on in the state of Georgia right now deserve a lot more sunlight than they’re getting from the national media.

My RedState colleague Brandon Morse reported earlier about how Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger announced today that some counties in the state somehow forgot to click the “upload” button when submitting updated vote totals for their respective areas. Not surprisingly, the counties were blue counties.

What should also be sounding off alarm bells for all Georgia voters as well as the Republican party and the Trump campaign is that the number of votes “left to count” in Georgia conveniently keeps rising. Normally when votes are counted, the numbers left to count should be decreasing. Instead, they are going up in Georgia.

Check out what WSB-TV tweeted this morning:

But then:


And later:

I’m sorry, but this just doesn’t make sense. Why are the numbers rising when they should be decreasing? I’m with this guy:

On top of that there are the provisional ballots and military ballots that need to be counted, the numbers of which we don’t have:

Georgia’s got a big transparency issue going on right now on a number of fronts, and Raffensperger is coming off as a front guy for what at the very least looks like gross incompetence on the part of the election officials at the county level in Georgia.

As is the case with what the state board of elections is doing here in NC with outstanding absentee ballots that are not yet accounted for, the “forgetting” to upload vote totals and the “finding” of extra votes to count that just so happen to be in blue areas of Georgia inspires zero confidence in the process and only causes more people to question whether or not the numbers are genuine or have been massaged in some way to help put Joe Biden over the top and to force a second Senate race runoff (Perdue/Ossoff).


The margin between Trump and Biden in the state right now is razor-thin, and the next state “called” for Biden could put him near or over 270. Trump should be having lawyers blanketing the state like a blizzard in the wintertime. This stinks to high heaven.


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