Oopsie! Georgia Secretary of State Reveals Some Blue Counties Forgot to Upload Their Votes

The state of Georgia is adding to the ridiculousness of the 2020 election, as the Georgia Secretary of State has announced that some counties forgot to click “upload” in order to submit the votes for that county.


And wouldn’t you know it? All these counties are blue.

According to San Francisco Chronicle’s Washington correspondent Tal Kopan, Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said that a number of counties didn’t click the “upload” button to submit the votes for their county.

“Georgia secretary of state says some counties have forgotten to click the “upload” button, so they’ve sent a reminder out,” tweeted Kopan.

Raffensperger said that when it comes to counting the votes, “fast is great and we appreciate fast. We more appreciate accuracy.” Kopan noted that just over 60,000 votes could be added to the totals by the end of the night.

“I am prayerful that we could get a resolution by the end of the day today,” added Raffensperger.

As Kopan notes, the majority of these votes come from (wouldn’t you know it?) blue counties.

“The bulk of those outstanding ballots come from blue counties, including 17K from Chatham, 7K from Clayton, 11K from Fulton and 7K from Gwinnett, if I got my notes down right,” tweeted Kopan.


It seems odd that they continue to “find” votes in various places, especially in states that Joe Biden needs. What’s more, these votes always seem to be for Biden. Even the errors that continue to plague this election always seem to err in the Democrats’ favor.

While there is yet no conclusive proof that fraudulent voting is happening, it’s hard not to suspect foul play. It’s hard to square the fact that many states Trump is winning are mysteriously finding votes that put Biden in the lead.

Welcome to the clown show that is the 2020 elections.


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