There Will Be No Unity: Some Inconvenient Reminders About How Dems Treated Trump During 2016 Transition

Here we are closing in on two weeks after Election Day, and the mainstream media, Democrats, and even a few Republicans (mostly the usual ones) are predictably demanding President Trump concede the election and graciously assist the Joe Biden-Kamala Harris campaign with the transition process because it’s “traditional” for such peaceful transitions to occur between incoming and outgoing presidential administrations.


Trump is not playing along because among other things his campaign has some legal challenges out there in certain states that are still pending in the courts. In addition to that, the campaign is waiting on the results of the Georgia recount. So naturally, no concessions will be forthcoming while those processes play out.

One has to think, too, that considering the fact there was very little that was “traditional” about the transfer of power from the Obama administration to the Trump administration in 2016, that Trump is taking the opportunity presented to show Democrats what it feels like to be treated as though you aren’t the legitimate winner of the presidential election.

It’s convenient – oh so convenient – at this time for the MSM and the left to memory hole what they did between the fall of 2016 and the early winter of 2017 when the incoming Trump administration was forming and then in the months after as the new team got acclimated and settled into their positions.

The attempt by the Obama-Biden administration to undermine the rival presidential campaign to Hillary Clinton’s by – with Clinton’s apparent help – cooking up a bogus Trump/Russia collusion scandal before, during, and beyond the transition period is one that Republicans won’t forget, no matter how much Democrats and the media would like them to.


But there were other things Democrats underhandedly did during this timeframe that should also not be forgotten as the calls for “unity!” and “healing!” grow. The Washington Times’ Rowan Scarborough wrote an extensive piece Sunday providing detailed reminders of the transition havoc Democrats unleashed on Trump. I’ve excerpted a few below, but there are more at the link that you should read:

• Boycotted the Jan. 20, 2017, inauguration. Fifty-three Democratic members of Congress refused to attend, accusing Mr. Trump of conspiring with Russia to tip the election. Mr. Mueller found no such evidence after nearly a three-year FBI investigation.

• Organized a “resistance” movement. Inside the Democratic-heavy federal bureaucracy, there was talk of leaking to press and stopping new policies. Clinton activists held a postelection strategy session in Miami to fund anti-Trump campaigns.

The resistance cry even reached inside the FBI. A bureau lawyer investigating the Trump campaign text-messaged colleagues, “viva le resistance.”


• Challenged electors. They make up the Electoral College as the designated state representatives who are the final official vote to elect the next U.S. president.

Left-wing activists attempted to intervene to stop Trump-pledged electors from doing their constitutional duty. They deployed emails, phone calls and social media videos by celebrities.

One group, calling itself the “Hamilton Electors” — after Alexander Hamilton, the creator of the Electoral College — tried to persuade Trump electors to let Democrats vote in their place on the promise that they would vote for a moderate Republican.


• Called for impeachment. Rep. Maxine Waters, California Democrat, led the call for impeachment before Mr. Trump took office. She cited how Mr. Trump characterized Mrs. Clinton’s health during the campaign as a possible criminal charge.


Does that sound like “unity” to you? Doesn’t sound like it to me, either.

All of this and then some is why a lot of Republicans today – even many of the “respectable” Republicans the media leans on when they’re trying to shame another Republican into doing something – aren’t falling in line with the left’s/media’s whole “unity” facade.

They remember what happened in 2016, and they also remember the four years of hell Democrats and the media put this country through after that with bogus “bombshell” after “bombshell” that either went nowhere or in some instances ended up being fake news.

Trump remembers, too. So he is understandably in no mood to play nicey-nice with these same people. I can’t really say as I blame him.

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