CNN's Brian Stelter Goes 'Pants on Fire' in Describing Attacks on MAGA Marchers, Gets Dunked Into Next Week

CNN's Brian Stelter Goes 'Pants on Fire' in Describing Attacks on MAGA Marchers, Gets Dunked Into Next Week

Remember in the weeks prior to the presidential election when journalists and other media figures like CNN’s Brian Stelter fretted, without evidence, about the possibility of “right-wing violence” in the event Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden won the election?

Though the winner of this race won’t be official until after all votes are counted, various recounts are done, and the Trump campaign’s legal challenges are sorted out in the courts, the media has declared Joe Biden the winner.

In response to that, the “Million MAGA March” took place in Washington, D.C. over the weekend, where “tens of thousands” of Trump supporters took to the streets to express their support for President Trump and to “Stop the Steal.”

Despite Media World’s dire warnings about how conservatives might allegedly wreak havoc and destroy entire city blocks if they were unhappy with how Election Day went, the conservatives who marched at the rally were peaceful and committed to two things: Showing Trump he still had a lot of support and letting the media know that it’s the people, and not them, who decide who wins elections.

Unfortunately, things did get heated and violence did take place during the rally – but it wasn’t because conservatives morphed into Antifa/BLM radicals. It’s because Antifa/BLM radicals decided to make their appearances known in the types of disgusting and destructive ways we’ve seen them use to terrorize people and communities over the last several months alone.

My RedState colleague Nick Arama documented numerous instances of these militant far-leftists assaulting and harassing Trump supporters over the weekend, including senior citizens and families who were just walking down the sidewalk to go to dinner and not bothering anyone.

Some Trump supporters were brutally attacked (some from behind) and left bleeding in the streets, while women and children were seen crying in other clips. Fireworks were set off near some Trump supporters who were dining at an outdoor restaurant near BLM Plaza.

There were some ugly scenes, and they became that way due to the anarchistic actions of the violent leftists the mainstream media typically characterizes as “mostly peaceful protesters.”

But many in the media conveniently ignored the attacks for most of the weekend. And once they finally weighed in, gone were popular media terms like “peaceful protesters”, even though the Trump supporters in DC fit the very definition of the term. Some, like Brian Stelter, just flat out gaslit people by trying to make them think that the clips they saw on social media of Antifa and BLM rioters assaulting Trump supporters were “out of context”:

To the extent that anything was taken “out of context”, you might find one or two out of hundreds of clips shared on Twitter of the chaos that took place once Antifa/BLM radicals arrived onto the scene. But instead of condemning the violence that happened, Stelter painted a picture that suggested conservatives were taking the assaults out of context, as though they were a) asking for it or b) as though the “context” somehow justified what happened.

He got called out on it big time:

And assuming for purposes of discussion that the vast majority of the clips shared on Twitter were “out of context” (they weren’t), since when did Stelter of all people start believing that providing context was vitally important to the story?

Let’s also not forget how CNN paid and paid dearly for their airing of and misreporting on an out-of-context clip of Nicholas Sandmann during a pro-life march back in January 2019.

Journalists beclown themselves on a daily basis with one-sided offerings like Stelter’s garbage hot take on clips allegedly being taken out of context. I mean they’ll let leftist rioters off the hook for looting, burning down buildings, and assaulting and killing people during their anti-police violent protests, with not a negative word spoken. But when conservatives hold a peaceful rally where the only confrontations that occurred were due to Antifa/BLM thugs literally and figuratively lighting the matches, reporters like Stelter turn around and blame the victims for supposedly triggering leftist rioters to do what they did.

It’s disgusting beyond words and reminds one of the “but her skirt was too short” rape defense, but as we saw in the Sandmann case and others, Stelter and others of his ilk are not in this business to learn lessons and to do better in the interest of reliably informing the public. They’re in it to craft anti-Trump/anti-conservative narratives regardless of whether they have any basis in fact or not, and to hell with any journalistic integrity whatsoever.

It’s why trust in the mainstream media has plummeted and will continue do to so for years to come.

Update: Some food for thought from DJT, Jr.:

It’s hard to disagree with that conclusion.

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