Radical Left-Wing Extremists Hit Trump Supporters With Fireworks At Restaurant After MAGA March


The violence at Saturday’s “Million MAGA March” continued even after the event ended with members of Black Lives Matter and Antifa harassing Trump supporters going so far as to harass Trump supporters as they were eating dinner. While people on the left insist that it would be the MAGA crowd that would engage in rioting after the election, reality is showing something distinctly different. 


Fox News reported that at least one suspect has been arrested in connection with an incident involving fireworks at a D.C. restaurant. 

From Fox News:

“A video of the incident shows a large crowd descending on P.J. Clarke’s restaurant just a few blocks away from the White House. Amid a heated confrontation between a small group of Trump supporters and a hostile crowd, someone sets off fireworks that explode on the patio.

Chaos ensues as parties on both sides scramble to leave the area before police arrive to separate them. Expletives can be heard flying left and right. It wasn’t immediately clear whether anyone on the pro-Trump side was injured by the explosion.”

Local law enforcement announced that they arrested 26-year-old Javien Michael Dawson in connection with the incident, according to WRC-TV. He has been charged with assault with a dangerous weapon. 

Dawson was one of over 20 individuals who were taken into custody for engaging in violent activity at the MAGA march. The event, which was attended by tens of thousands of Trump supporters to support the president and to protest the alleged voter fraud that occurred during the presidential election. 

It did not take long for the event to descend into violence as members of Antifa and Black Lives Matter clashed with participants in the rally. Radical leftist extremists affiliated with “Refuse Fascism,” a progressive organization that uses the same black bloc tactics as other Antifa-related groups, physically assaulted Trump supporters who also fought back. 


Here is a video showing some of the skirmishes that took place:

Nobody seemed to be hurt in the fireworks incident. But the violence that occurred was predictable. It seems that anytime Trump supporters or conservatives hold an event, the Antifa types show up to engage in their favorite activity: political violence. 

Progressives and their close friends and allies in the corporate press rarely discuss these far-left radicals, unless they are defending them or trying to gaslight the American public into believing that an “idea” is punching, kicking, and assaulting conservatives with weapons. Indeed, former Vice President Joe Biden, who called for “unity” several days ago, has been conspicuously mum on those who showed up in D.C. to promote unity by roughing up Trump supporters. 

Of course, nobody believed Uncle Joe about the whole “unity” thing anyway, right? 


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