Million MAGA March Comes Out to Support Trump, Trump Drops By, Antifa Tries to Cause Trouble

AP Photo/Brynn Anderson

Today was the “Million MAGA March” in Washington, D.C. calling to #StopTheSteal and demanding election security.

I’m not sure exactly how many people were out and they don’t have any verified numbers yet but safe to say the city was full of folks with tens of thousands in the streets


Here’s a small sample of the event.

Unlike BLM/Antifa, no one was attacking anything, setting anything on fire or rioting.

What was perhaps incredibly ironic about the event was that some Biden supporters/BLM-Antifa showed up.

They were of course vastly outnumbered by the MAGA crowd and the “defund the police” crowd hid behind the police, the police stood around the Antifa to protect them in case there was any tension.


While the Antifa folks naturally tried to stir things up, as with the banner below urging people to “punch a (anarchist symbol) MAGA in the face,” the police presence prevented them.

Funny how they want the police to protect them even when the Trump folks aren’t attacking anyone. Funny how the “defund” crowd wants police gone, except when they want them.

But some of the folks also got a thrill when President Donald Trump, who was not scheduled to be at the event, nevertheless drove over to thank folks for coming out.


But there were multiple attacks by some of the Antifa folks on Trump supporters.

There was a family with children who BLM were harassing and attacking. They went after the man in the group, who fell onto of one of the children. It was pretty frightening for the children, you could hear them screaming.

They knocked out a man here and someone stomped on his head. You could hear people shout “Kill them!” during the attacks.


At least two of the Antifa folks were led away for allegedly assaulting people.

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