CNN's Stelter, Blitzer Lament Boarding up of Buildings, Get Smacked With Reality Check on Why It’s Happening

There are reports being filed in states across the country about how business owners are boarding up their buildings in advance of the election in the event there is rioting in the aftermath.


Images from cities like Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, and New York City – all Democrat-run cities that have seen a heavy amount of looting and rioting over the last few months – have flooded social media, showing the precautions some businesses are taking in an effort to minimize damage from potential post-election day chaos:

CNN “Situation Room” host Wolf Blitzer shared video Sunday on Twitter that showed an entire city block in Washington, D.C. boarded up. The longtime CNN anchor acted shocked that business owners would feel the need to take such actions – this after the months of Antifa/BLM-led destruction that has taken place in major American cities like Portland, Seattle, D.C. and so on, all of which has been glamorized by CNN:


CNN “Reliable Sources” host Brian Stelter devoted an entire segment Sunday to concerns about violence happening once election results start rolling in, but he absurdly framed it from the perspective of those concerns being primarily about how Trump supporters allegedly wouldn’t take it well and would take to the streets in the event Trump didn’t win:

It’s hard to know where to start here, between Blitzer’s feigning of ignorance or Stelter’s predictable gaslighting. But I think we can tackle both at the same time by giving them both a little reality check in terms of what their coverage of the riots has been like over the last several months. If either of them want to understand why DC, L.A., NYC and all the rest are boarding up, all they need to do is to watch some of their own anchors – or themselves – either downplaying the left-wing riots or justifying them in the name of social justice or whatever:


None of those businesses are spending money they probably don’t have (thanks to shutdowns) closing down and boarding up their buildings because they think that it’s Trump supporters who are going to be taking to the streets en masse if he loses. They’ve watched the scenes play out on their streets for months of left-wing agitators and rioters harassing residents, looting, rioting, setting buildings on fire, etc.

Those buildings are being boarded up because they know that regardless of what happens on election night – no matter who wins, the Usual Suspects on the left will come up with any excuse to wreak more havoc on innocent people who don’t deserve it. And true to form, CNN will gaslight to infinity and beyond about it when it does.


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