John Legend Tells Mark Cuban to Donate to Democrats Over Food Banks, Cuban Absolutely Nukes Him

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It goes without staying that the upcoming Senate runoff races in Georgia are a big freakin’ deal.

With this week’s confirmed victories in Alaska (Sullivan) and North Carolina (Tillis), as it stands now Republicans are ahead 50-48 in the battle for control of the Senate in 2021. If incumbent Republican Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue win their runoffs, that makes it a 52-48 advantage. If they don’t, the Senate will be tied at 50-50, and in the event the Biden-Harris campaign wins the election, that would give Harris the tiebreaking Senate vote.


But in the meantime, due to pandemic-inspired local government mandates that essentially forced many businesses to either cut back or shut down, many Americans are struggling and in need here at the holidays and could use some immediate help to provide food for themselves and their families.

It was perhaps with that in mind that Dallas Mavericks NBA team owner and businessman Mark Cuban took to the Twitter machine Thursday to call on people to donate to food banks rather than to any of the Republican or Democrat candidates in the Georgia Senate runoff races. “Lets put Americans in need above Politics” Cuban stated:

Normal people who would read that, even those who understand the importance of these races, would get the message loud and clear: Let’s not look to politicians to solve all our problems. Let’s look to the people and local communities instead.

But that’s not how compassionate liberal celebrity/icon John Legend views it. The entertainer replied to Cuban by actually claiming that flipping the Senate “would be far more impactful than a food bank donation” because of the stalled COVID relief bill or something:


Perhaps sensing the stupidity and selfishness of his comment, Legend quickly followed up with this tweet noting that he planned on doing both (which is actually what someone who is passionate about helping others and getting the candidates he supports elected would have said in the first place):

Cuban flat nuked him in response:

And he wasn’t the only one:


Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) also tried the “Democrats are the compassionate ones so please give” act as well, and Cuban again was having none of it:

I don’t agree with Cuban much but on the issue of the importance of giving to food banks as a priority over political donations, he is spot on.

Millions are pouring into those races from individuals and Super PACs alike. People with the money to do so can flip out their wallets if they so desire and give money to their local charity organizations in need as well as the candidates they support if they want to.


But beyond that, let’s look deeper into Legend’s message here: Not only did he prioritize donating to Democrats over food banks, he also insinuated it’s the only way a COVID relief bill would get passed (which at the earliest would be a couple of months away – not now). But he’s wrong. If House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would stop blocking the bill in hopes of getting the “perfect” one that would fund Democrat pet projects unrelated to COVID relief, one would get passed. But it’s because of her calculated political antics that we’re where we are now.

Cocaine Mitch hasn’t been the one holding up things here. Nancy Pelosi has.

Even worse was the mindset behind his comments. I honestly can’t recall a time when I’ve seen the “government knows best” mentality of Democrats described so accurately and succinctly as Legend did with his tweet. “Hang on a few months and give a Democratic government time to work their magic!” he said in a nutshell. Unfortunately, he saw nothing whatsoever wrong with it and kept at it long after Cuban had moved on to Lieu and others who share Legend’s warped “government over private charity” viewpoint.

When Democrats tell us who they are, we should listen to them – and vote accordingly.


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