TDS Update: Pelosi Dismisses Dem Calls for Compromise on Covid Stimulus Package

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

How can I put this tactfully? If you look up Trump Derangement Syndrome — Stage IV — in the dictionary, you’ll see a snarling picture of Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

To say that Donald Trump lives rent-free in Pelosi’s head 24×7 would be an understatement. TDS has riddled her very being to the point that she appears incapable of rational thought, let alone of reaching a compromise with Trump for the benefit of Americans struggling financially after months of hardship during the COVID pandemic.

This bitter partisan hack would rather withhold a second round of stimulus checks from millions of her fellow citizens than compromise with “the devil incarnate” on anything.

And so it goes that Pelosi on Sunday, as reported by the Washington Free Beacon, dismissed calls from her Democrat colleagues to compromise with Trump on the next round of COVID stimulus funding.

During an appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Pelosi told host Jake Tapper — not exactly the president of the Donald Trump Fan Club, himself — that calls from Democrat lawmakers to compromise with Republicans are not significant enough to push her to compromise. “Welcome to my world,” Pelosi weirdly told Tapper. “That is not a lot of messages although I respect each and every one of them.”

Pelosi was referring to Tapper’s questions about a letter sent to both her and Trump by three Democrat governors asking them to agree on a new stimulus package. “We implore you to put differences aside and agree to another, much-needed COVID-19 relief bill,” the governors wrote. Rep. Max Rose (D-NY), who has been critical of Pelosi, also said Democrats should accept the compromises they have reached and vote to make a deal.

Pelosi downplayed the calls — which she has also received from other Democrat colleagues — and said Democrats still want an agreement to be reached. “We all want an agreement. Nobody wants it more than the House Democrats,” she said.

The crafty old Speaker was technically correct. Her House Democrat colleagues want an agreement — many of whom have been pushing hard for a compromise prior to the election, now just eight days away — but it has been Pelosi who has been more than willing to forego a compromise with Trump — solely out of TDS-riddled fear of being seen as “giving” Trump a win prior to the election. Yes, America, TDS is a terrible affliction to behold.

Fortunately for Tapper, Pelosi didn’t attempt to eviscerate him as she did to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer earlier this month when he too asked Her Majesty why she continues to refuse to compromise with Republicans — specifically the Trump administration — on the second round of stimulus. Pelosi went off the rails immediately during the more than 13-minute segment. Here’s one of her “greatest hits.”

“With all due respect, and you know we’ve known each other a long time, you really don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t know why you’re always an apologist, and many of your colleagues, apologists for the Republican position.”

Seriously, Madam Speaker? Wolf Blitzer and CNN — of all people — are “apologists for the Republican position”? See what I mean about Stage IV Trump Derangement Syndrome? Heck, I almost feel sorry for the poor woman — the operative word being “almost.”

Maybe Nancy needs to drink more prune juice. Just sayin’.

So where does a second stimulus package stand? 

As reported by CNET on Monday morning, two self-imposed deadlines have come and gone, with the election looming ever-closer.

“We are waiting for the final yes,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, also the bill’s lead Democratic negotiator [told Tapper], adding that she’s hopeful to work out the final details on national testing, school funding and unemployment aid, three unresolved topics that continue to separate the two sides.

“I do have a commitment from [Senate Majority Leader Mitch] McConnell that if we get an agreement, he’s willing to bring it to the floor and get it passed,” White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said earlier [on “State of the Union”].

And where does Trump stand?

While some Senate Republicans remain leery of a second round of stimulus spending beyond their comfort level, Trump hinted during last Thursday’s presidential debate that he wants to “get a deal done.” “We are ready, willing, and able to do something,” he said.

We’ve heard this before, of course — from both sides of the aisle — to no avail. But is it different this time, with the election a mere eight days away and counting? I suspect it is. Politics being politics, neither side wants to enter Election Day being blamed for blocking a second round of checks to millions of Americans. Maybe not even Nancy Pelosi.