MSNBC's Joy Reid Gets Dunked to Infinity After Making Hilarious Claim About Origins of the Number '538'

Is it easy to dunk on MSNBC’s Joy Reid? Of course it is. She says ridiculous things on a daily basis. Should we stop? No. Reid was given the opportunity from MSNBC earlier this year to expand her platform from just the weekend to five nights a week, so she’s definitely owed a call-out when she commences in making a complete fool of herself (more so than she usually does, anyway).


The latest example of Reid generating howls of laughter from those of us residing in the cheap seats comes courtesy of a tweet she posted last night in which she tried to motivate her followers to “fight!!!!” for the Biden-Harris presidential campaign by alleging that the number “538”, which is the name of supposed polling expert Nate Silver’s website, was inspired by the margin of victory in Florida between Bush and Gore in 2000:

Apparently, she based her “claim” on a note made in CNN reporter Manu Raju’s tweet referencing the 2000 presidential election (his 2000 vs 2020 comparison is misleading and dishonest, but that’s another topic for another day):


I literally laughed out loud when I read her tweet. I mean, it doesn’t take a Harvard graduate (which she is) to know where the number “538” actually originates from, right?

While some pointed out the seriousness of Reid’s error – what with her being a prominent media figure and spreading what is clearly false information and all:


…others went the “mockery” route which was, naturally, much more satisfying to read:

As I’ve previously reported, this is far from Reid’s first time spreading wrong information about current events. A couple of weeks ago, Reid asserted that “all it took was three people to die” in order for Trump to get the opportunity to nominate three Supreme Court Justices. In reality, two died (Ginsburg and Scalia). The other (Kennedy) retired.

Prior to that Reid, actually suggested that a “President-elect” Joe Biden name his own Supreme Court nominee after the election in the event Amy Coney Barrett wasn’t confirmed, apparently not realizing that Presidents-elect don’t get to make nominations to the courts because “President-elect” is not actually a government position.


While we can never rely on Reid to give readers and viewers accurate information as to what’s going on in the world of politics, what we can count on from her without fail is her uncanny ability to unintentionally provide some comic relief to nearly every situation this country finds itself in on any given day.

Whether or not that’s a good or a bad thing is something I’ll leave for readers to discuss. 😉

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